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dimanche 19 avril 2015

Happy sunday everyone!
I hope you had a relaxing sunday! Mine was spent waiting at the horse riding club for my girl to do a jumping competition and then to recieve her price! she ended up winning in her category , so I guess that was worth the while of waiting 4 hours in the wind!!:)

This girl has my heart!! she is the cutest one and the funniest too! and what a chatter box! Always talking and making stories up. 

Et voilà une toute nouvelle page faite avec le kit de Mars de Hip Kit club. Un peu de découpe et un long journaling. J'ai caché deux photos sous du papier calque pour ne pas surcharger ma page.

I made this layout to document how much I like to sew for her.
I used the March Hip Kit club kit. 
I knew I wanted a long journaling and I aso wanted to incorportate these 3 photos. So I cut bits of patterned papers to the size of my photos and then layered them, and stitched them with my sewing machine.
Then I hid some of the photos under a piece of vellum to tame the whole layout down. 

Papers and emebellishements are mostly Crate Paper and American Crafts. I am crazy about both!  That little sewing machine from Crate Paper was just spot on for me!!:=)

 Of course there is a little bit of stitching going on here!!:)
I fussy cut the "&" from a Crate Paper sheet. Oh how I enjoyed this process!
I am now working with the April Kits. There are filled with fun colors.

8 commentaires:

  1. This is an amazing layout, i love the idea of hiding fotos under vellum, it looks realy great!
    Greetings Barbara

    1. thank you so much Barbara! yes I reallu wanted three photos but it was to much, then I thought about the vellum! thank you fo ryour visit!

  2. This page makes me so happy. :)

    1. oh thanks Jill! you know how to make a girl feel good! I find it hard to find cool designs though, I must get back in the move I guess! I might have to take a class to jump start my mojo! maybe on of yours? I am searching on your blog but could you send me some links?? thanks!

  3. so pretty, sophie! what a treasure for your children!

  4. what a great use of vellum. The colors are great. The design is so balanced. And the simple pattern and use of embellishments is really impactful. Thanks for sharing Sophie. I'm so glad you're back! Your pages are inspiring.


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