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jeudi 16 avril 2015

I am probably the last one on the surface of the earth to sew a Marthe blouse! the whole sewing universe already had a go at it! but I was not sure this loose fiting pattern was for me.
Well, people, it is for me!!
First and foremost; it is so quick and easy to make. It is perfect for a beginner or anyone who has little time to sew. 
Secondly the fit is great! I cut in size 36 . I just added 1 cm to the length of the bodice and to the bottom of the "skirt". 

Je suis probablement le dernier être vivant sur cette planète à ne pas avoir encore cousu une Marthe!
Il faut dire que je n'étais pas sûre que cette blouse ample m'irait. J'avais tort. Ce patron est non seulement hyper rapide à coudre mais en plus, la coupe est superbe.

 Oh that wind!!! / rho ce vent!!

The fabric is from Atelier Brunette. I love that it is so soft and modern. I got it online along with the perfectly matched bias tape for the neckline finish in this shop called Un chat sur un fil.

J'ai choisi un tissu graphique de chez Atelier Brunette, acheté chez Un chat sur un fil, en ligne. Service hyper rapide et colis impeccable.

I am taking this tunic and the whole outfit to Paris next week, where I am going to meet some awesome ladies! more on that soon!

9 commentaires:

  1. It is awesome !! (bref je l'adore, ce tissu moderne va comme un gant à Marthe). J'espère qu'il fera beau quand tu seras à Paris !

  2. you'll look great. can't wait to see you in paris wearing this gorgeous outfit!

  3. oh oh i love this on you! between you and trine, i think i need this pattern too! it's beautiful and really flattering - surprising for a super billowy top.

  4. Magnifique Sophie cette création, qui te va à merveille ! Le tissu est sublime !

  5. I LOVE this fabric! It is perfect for the top too. I want it! :)

  6. I have mixed feelings about this blouse. Although I LOVE how it looks on you, I've always thought that on me it would look like a sack with legs. I really need to see it in person in Paris to remove all my doubt!

  7. You're not the last person to sew the Marthe... that could be me! After seeing your version I think I could be next. (although I'm not as long and lean as you, so share Dotta's slight concern about being a sack on me). It looks such a quick sew, which is always good!
    I wonder if I could whip one up for this weekend?! ;-)

  8. You look amazing! I'm not sure if this top would work on me but on you, it's all <3 <3 <3! Gorgeous! And awesome fabric pick, too! xx


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