{ scrappy sunday // Falling back in love }

dimanche 29 mars 2015

Well, you guys, I am IN LOVE again! Totally falling back in love again with scrapbooking. 
Even though I lack confidence and I need to find my eye for design again. 
Still I am IN LOVE.

Bon, chers amis, c'est officiel, je suis à nouveau amoureuse du scrap! à vrai dire, je ne me souviens même plus pourquoi j'ai arrêté il y a un an!!
Même si je manque encore de confiance en moi et que je dois retrouver un œil pour les couleurs et les le design, je me suis éclatée à faire cette page et une petite sœur que j'ai finie à l'instant et que je vous montrerai plus tard.

Here is the first page I made after a whole year of break and it felt so good to pull out some of these Dear Lizzy Serendipity papers and some of my favorite Crate paper embellishements as well as the last sheet of white cardstock left over from last year!! I did a massive restock of white paper since, as well as a few other papers and stickers that are just so yummy! 

J'ai simplement pioché dans mes papiers et embellissements; un peu de Dear Lizzy Serendipity, un peu de mes stickers préférés de chez Crate Paper, du cardstock blanc, et voilà! je n'ai pas trop réfléchi pour le design de la page, c'était vraiment juste pour reprendre mes marques!

I did not do too much thinking for this page, I just had fun!!

I don't even remember why I stopped doing this?? Total amnesia!!
How did it happen?? Because this last week, making this page, and another one I will show you soon and that is a little bit more elaborate in my taste,  I felt so much joy. Scrapbooking  also helps me to feel  grateful about my life. It is just all good!!

{Thursday sewing: Babydoll Linden Sweatshirt }

jeudi 26 mars 2015

Although we are way near the end of March and officially in spring, our weather has been very windy and so cold! 
SO I thought I needed to bring spring to me in the shape of a nice pink, yet very warm and cosy Linden Sweatshirt!

 Une fois de plus, rien à dire, un vrai plaisir à coudre grâce à la surjeteuse magique du père Noël!!

This is my third take to this pattern. You can see my two other versions here and here. There is nothing more to add about this pattern: I think it is an amazing staple and I love the fit. 

I cut in size 4 and just added 1 inch to the sleeves because I thought that on the previous one, which I am wearing all the time, the sleeves are a bit too short.

I totally adore the fabric : you can't see it here, but the inside is like a "long hair softy"!! 
it is so so soft! I got it from this french online shop called Pretty Mercerie: they have a great range of sweatshirt fabric.

I wore this outfit many times already, it is super comfy!

I wanted to add a little note to  you , my dear readers: I hope you not too confused about my creative projects and what I post here. I used to feel self-conscious and somehow guilty to have different passions. I thought it was a bit weird and believed my blog would not interest anyone if it did not deal with one topic / one craft only. That is partly why I stopped scrapbooking a year ago, when I discovered my passion for sewing!
But after much pondering and a bit of self-examination, I realized that I love being crafty, I just do, whatever the way, the medium. I HAVE to create daily in order to find a balance in my life. It is the way I recharge and reload. I have come to terms with the facts that I have multiple passions and that it is ok. I will not make a career out of any of these passions, but I don't mind, well, not really::) 

So, now that I am back to scrapbooking I thought it would be nice if I try to post twice weekly, if I am able to. Thursdays will be "thursday sewing posts" and at the week-ends I will post my scrappy projects: I am thinking that either a "scrappy sunday or saturday" would fit!!:)
Anyway, thats just a plan!!:)

Thank you for visiting!

{ Scrapbooking: I am back for good! }

lundi 23 mars 2015

 As I am totally in the mood to scrap, and before I can show you my first ever layout since last year (which is almost finished!) , I thought it would be nice to show you the very last 2 pages I made a year ago. 
 See the date: 01 march 2014! that was the last time I scrapbooked. It took me a whole year to feel the need to create again.
This layout was included in an article I wrote for the french scrapbooking magazine: "Esprit Scrapbooking" on how to scrapbook portraits creatively. 

{ Mixed media and.. back to scrapbooking }

vendredi 20 mars 2015

 The past few weeks have been taugh ones. I spent way too many hours at work and I caught a nasty cough/ cold that I am not rid of yet.
But, encouraged by a book I am reading right now, "The fringe Hours" I have tried to make time as much as I can for things that make me happy. I have not achieved my aim of "once a day creativity, though!"

Ces dernières semaines ont été un vrai challenge! J'ai passé beaucoup trop d'heures au travail et je combats un énorme rhume/ bronchite...
Mais, encouragée par mon tout nouveau livre des chevet, "The fringe hours", je m'efforce de laisser de la place pour ma créativité aussi souvent que possible. Je n'y arrive pas tous les soirs cependant!!

I am really enjoying the classes I am taking in mixed media art: both are taught by Christy Tomlinson and I am learning loads !!
I like that, in mixed media, perfection is not the aim. You just enjoy the process and get your hands dirty, which I could not be happier to do!

J'essaye aussi de ne pas me mettre de barrière et de faire simplement ce qui me plait, sans me soucier de savoir si je suis douée ou pas!! je fais juste ce qui me rend heureuse! 
J'ai découvert récemment le Mixed media par le biais de 2 classes enseignées par Christy Tomlinson, une artiste américaine et je me suis amusée à patouiller, sans rechercher la perfection. 
 I painted three girls so far and one of them was gifted to encourage a young woman.

Voici donc le résultat de ces classes pour l'instant, mes " "filles"!

I have also been drawing a little, and I am trying not to be to hard on myself about it. I used to draw all the time when I was a kid and a teenager. I love it but I am not very good at it, being self-taught. I am hoping that practice will make perfect some day!!

Je me suis aussi remise à dessiner, en essayant de ne pas écouter cette petite voix dans ma tête qui me dit sans arrêt que je n'ai aucun don pour le dessin, et que ça allait bien quand j'étais gamine! 

 Last but not least, I have been wanting to go back to scrapbooking more and more.
You might not konw it if you read this blog ( does anyone read this blog these days???) but I started this blog in order to document and share my scrapbooking endeavours.
I used to design for great companies such as American Crafts, Crate Paper, Elle's Studio, ...It was awesome. But whe I got back to working full time I had to prioritize and I had to let go of all these great design teams!

ET enfin, "last but not least"; j'ai eu récemment des envies de scrap!! et oui! après un break d'un an, j'ai à nouveau envie de scrapper et de documenter notre vie. J'ai envie de beaux papiers et d’embellissements! comme avant! c'est donc très timidement et comme une débutante, que j'ai commencé à remplir mon album Capture. J'espère que je retrouverai bientôt mes réflexes créatifs!!

I have no ambition to go back to design teams, but I miss documenting our lives.
So, slowly and very shyly, I got back to my Basic Grey Captures books and started filling the pockets!
It feels really great !I am still hesitant, like a beginner, and it takes me ages to achieve such a small result. But I am confident inspiration will come back and I will embrace scrapbooking just like I used to do it!

Do you manage to embrace and make room for your creativity in the midst of daily life? 
I hope you do!!

{ His own electric blue pants }

jeudi 5 mars 2015

The first edition of  Ottobre magazine I ever bought was the 6/2014 issue. I was really in love with the design, photos and patterns in the book. 
My friend Rachel recently wrote a great post on sewing with Ottobre patterns so I won't go into details about the patterns. 

I chose these simple pants pattern for my boy, because I loved the front pockets and cute back ones too. 

Maxence chose the buttons himself from our local fabric shop and I think it adds a little "english gentleman" touch to the garment!

I wanted some funky color for this garment.
 At first I had chosen a great orange but the boy had his word to say and chose this blue online!
 I was lucky enough to have the fabric gifted to me by the very generous owner of Cousette, one of my favorite french online fabric shops.

Maxence is quite tall for his age, but he is really thin for a boy too, so after asking some advice to my Instagram friends I chose to cut using his measurements for width but added length to match his height.

This boy really turns me to butter. He is so cuddly and always ready to tell me how much he loves me. I love that he has such a good heart. 

He wants to be a doctor when he is grown up. Last time, in the car he told me :" you know Maman, when I am a doctor, you won't have to pay and neither will the poor people!"

He is also the one who remembers to pray for our sponsor child and calls her "my little Lorena", when she is 3 years older than him.
I am so glad he is so kind hearted.

{ Pleated pencil skirt // in woven polka dots! }

vendredi 20 février 2015

Since I made the knit version of the Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia Creates, I wanted to try the woven version. But I wanted to make a muslin so I was sure of the fit.
 I had some of this polka dots english cotton fabric I got from Cousette ages ago, so I used it! 

Après avoir cousu la version jersey de ce patron, je me suis lancée dans la réalisation d'une toile pour la version coton. Juste pour être sûre de la taille.
J'ai utilisé un coton à pois marine, de très belle qualité trouvé chez Cousette au début de mes aventures couturesques. 
I cut in 6 for the hips and 4 for the waist according to my measurements. 

This is really the kind of pattern I appreciate : the instructions take you step by step through the whole process. It is perfect for beginners and the photos and diagrams are very clear. 

I really love this type of pattern who does not take your skills for granted.  

Le patron est extrêmement clair, même pour mes amies frenchies pas douées pour les langues!! Les photos et diagrammes sont suffisants et le niveau de couture est "débutant". Une fois encore, le plus dur est de poser la fermeture éclair invisible mais je vous rappelle que vous pouvez suivre mon petit tuto "même pas peur" si ça vous tente et si, comme moi, vous n'avez pas de pied spécial. 

The detail of the pleat at the back of the skirt is so darling, and it is really easy to create actually. 

Je trouve le détail du pli tout à fait adorable et j'aime beaucoup cette coupe intemporelle et très féminine qui met toute les morphologies en valeurs. 

I did not know which shoes to wear with that skirt. I would not wear those heels, and I much prefer my boots. But I know that come spring (finally!!) I will wear it with my beloved blush pink heels!

Bon , niveau chaussures, je me rends bien compte que là, je pèche un peu par manque de choix dans ma garde robe! Aujourd'hui je l'ai portée avec les bottes et franchement c'est ce qui est le plus confortable pour moi mais je sais qu'au printemps cette jupe sera parfaite avec mes compensées rose-blush!!

I love the cut and line of this skirt.

I would definitly recommend this pattern for its quality and the great fit of the skirt that makes it a perfect staple skirt.
Again, this kind of style really fits any woman. It is very feminine and still extremely comfortable. 
The actual fabric I intended to use for the skirt is much thicker. So I guess I will get a tighter look. 
I got some gorgeous lining, as the skirt is fully lined and it will be my first time using some actual "lining fabric" on a garment!! wooo!!

Voilà, il ne me reste plus qu'à coudre la version officielle! j'ai choisi une belle gabardine bleu roi et une "vraie" doublure qui glisse!!

{ around here ...}

mardi 17 février 2015

Around here lately it has been kind of busy for our little family. The winter season is in full swing which means we don't get to see my dear hubby much, so it is just really the kids and I most of the time. 
I am used to that, so I just don't resist the flow anymore. I just know that for 5 months, every year,  there is always a lot of "dying to self" involved for me. I try to do it with as much grace as I can.

 We have been on winter break for 10 days now and here is what has been happening:
Chez nous en ce moment, ce sont les vacances, et la saison. ce qui veut dire beaucoup de temps pour moi en solo avec mes 2 amours. 

#1 : SNOW! lots of snow and skiing for our first week of holidays. I booked ski lessons for the kids everyday for 6 days and it was great to see them enjoy it so much. There was also a lot of sleighing and hot chocolate involved.. of course!!
De la neige, et du ski, bien sûr et tout ce qui va avec: luge en bonus et chocolat chaud. 


# 2 While they were taking their ski lessons I usually sat at the terrasse of a café overlooking the most amazing moutains and marking pupil's worksheets or reading my Bible. 

Pendant que les enfants prenaient leurs cours de ski, je me prélassais au soleil, en terrasse face à une des plus belles vues des Alpes! 

# 3 As for my Bible reading plan, I am doing great. I am actually amazed at how this experience has been a blessing to me and how life changing it is. My friend Rachel and I we are following the Eat this Book plan, just in case you might be interested. Life changing experience, I am telling you!

Mon projet de lire la Bible en un an avec mon amie Rachel avance et me transforme. Je ne peux que conseiller ce genre d'expérience. 

# 4 We have received our first letter from our sponsor child in Nicaragua. The kids and I were so excited to read this letter together. It was a very moving moment. 
I am trying to raise grateful and generous children who will be a support to others who are less lucky than they are. This sponsorship is an amazing opportunity for them to open their eyes and their hearts. 

Nous avons reçu la première lettre de l'enfant que nous sponsorisons au Nicaragua. La lecture de la lettre a été un beau moment partagé avec les enfants. Quand on essaie d'apprendre à ses enfants à être reconnaissant pour ce qu'ils ont et généreux envers les autres, c'est vraiment une belle expérience.

 #5 I got an Instagram account and ... well, my friend Rachel would say I am now on the dark side!! but actually I am enjoying it a lot. 
Much more than Facebook. I like that you don't get all the adverts and the rubbish you get on FB. I like that you can really choose who you follow and who follows you. I use it mainly as a way to share my creative process . So, from now on, I will not use the "C'est la vie" facebook account anymore.

 If you want, you can follow me on Instagram. I would be very pleased to see you there. But again, nothing fancy, just my daily life and projects. I am not trying to impress anyone, I have stopped trying to impress anyone a long time ago!!

Et oui, je suis passée de l'autre côté, du côté obscur de la force... et j'ai maintenant un compte Instagram. 

#6 As a result of my Instagram wandering, I stumbled upon this account which led me to this one!! 
Christy Tomlinson is one amazing artist, and for a reason I can't really explain I am totally in love with what she does. 
As soon as I got to her account, in my very obsessive-Sophie-fashion, I spent too much a lot  of time watching her youtube videos and strolling through her blog and I WAS HOOKED. I have always drawn and doodled and sketched , on and off over the years. And I think I was in search of something new to learn, being the learner that I am. So here I am pulling out and organizing all the supplies I have in my stash from my scrapbooking past experience to paint, rub-ons, pencils and brushes, trying my hands at mixed -media. 
 I bought one of  her workshop, only because it was on sale!! and dived right into it with a delight equal to the one I feel when I start a sewing project!
Lors de mes errances sur Instagram, justement, j'ai découvert ce compte, puis ce compte qui m'ont fait découvrir une artiste de mixed-media tout à fait fabuleuse: Christy Tomlinson.http://www.christytomlinson.typepad.com/   Pour une raison que je ne comprends pas encore tout à fait, j'ai été immédiatement séduite par ses créations et je me suis, comme toujours , plongée avec délice et de manière tout à fait obsessionnelle dans ses posts, ses vidéos, ... Voilà donc, ma nouvelle lubie: le mixed-media, ainsi que ma première tentative de création. 
Comme toute première tentative, elle est un peu ridicule mais j'ai eu tellement de joie à faire ça que j'aurais du mal à ne pas y retourner!

 I know it might look a bit silly, first projects always are, but I also know that it felt GOOD to make this! 
Do you think it is OK to have different creative endeavors?? 

#7 This morning, I was shocked to find out that I am one of the bloggers awarded on the Madalynne blog as "best international sewing blog"! I was like: "wait!! what??"
 Because really I think it is so undeserved. Although I always try to post quality projects, and photos,  I have been neglecting this poor blog since I went back to work in september. But I guess some of my faithful readers might have voted for me, and I am so thankful for your support!

 It just makes me realize that I am so blessed to be able to share my passion with other people around the world. Being creative is a part of me, and I know it is good for me but it can also bring good to others.

Ce matin j'ai été choquée de découvrir que j'avais gagné un "award"! celui du meilleur blog de couture international, attribué par des lecteurs et lectrices et par un panel de blogueuses, le tout orchestré par la talentueuse Madalynne! 

Well, there are the highlights of my otherwise quite mundane life. But there is so much grace and beauty to be found in the ordinary, don't you think? 

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