{ Scrappy saturday: Party }

samedi 25 avril 2015

Who does not like a grid?
I had fun with Hip Kit April Kits :  those chipboard frames were calling for a grid and lots of embellishments!

Quand on a un doute sur le design d'une page: la grille ça sauve toujours!!
quand j'ai ouvert le kit d'Avril de hip Kit Club et que j'ai vu ces cadres polaroids, je savais que je voudrais les utiliser en les embellissant.  C'est vraiment une technique qui me plait: j'aime les détails, les superpositions d’embellissements, les jeux sur les couleurs.


So I chose a bunch of pink/ yellow/ aqua and just played around, layering and stitching. 

  I like craft with yellow and pink: it makes them pop in a happy way.

It looks carefree but it took me a while to find a place for everything and to finally be happy with that layout. I guess I need a bit more time to find my confidence again!
I usually keep a notepad on which I draw sketches, and I also get inspired by my favorite scrapbookers. But I tend to over think the deisngs of my page, always searching for something new to make! maybe I should just relax!!!

Are you struggling with page designs? How does it work for you? how do you get inspired?

{ Paris! Here I come!! }

jeudi 23 avril 2015

I am beyond excited to say that at the time you read this, I will be on the train to Paris, to meet 13 other sewing bloggers from 9 different countries from all over Europe!

We will be 14 women from 9 different european countries chatting about fabric, patterns and scrolling around Paris searching for the perfect fabric store! Well, if you ask me that might well be heaven on earth for me!

Gioia from dotta (Italy), 
Nina from Fliegfederfrei (Switzerland), 
Maria from La Inglesita (Spain), 
Marta from Do Guincho (Portugal), 
Marte from Compagnie M. (Belgium), 
An from Straight Grain (Belgium),
Nienke from Pienkel (Netherlands),
Maartje from Huisje Boompje Boefjes (Netherlands),
Laura from Craftstorming (UK), 
Laura from Behind the Hedgerow (UK), 
Victoria from As it Seams (UK),
Olu from Needle and Ted (UK)
Annika from Näh-Connection.

When we come back, we will have a huge giveaway involving all our sponsors! 
So be sure to come back next week for fun prizes and I hope some cool photos of our trip! 
 Now I will go and sing: "Freedom! oh freedom! freeeeeeeee-dooom"! 

A l'heure où vous lirez ce post, je serai dans le train pour Paris!! oui Pariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis! 
Je vais y rencontrer 13 autres blogueuses, toutes couturières, venant de 9 pays différents! Nous allons passer quatre jours à flâner dans Paris à la recherche de la boutique de tissus de nos rêves et à parler couture et patrons. Le rêve quoi!!!

A mon retour, et après reprise du travail, nous organiserons un grand giveaway qui impliquera tous nos merveilleux sponsors! Alors, pensez à revenir pour tenter votre chance!
En attendant, je vous fait des biz et vous dis: "Freedom! oh freedom! freeeeeeeee-dooooom"!!!

{ Scrappy sunday // why I sew for you }

dimanche 19 avril 2015

Happy sunday everyone!
I hope you had a relaxing sunday! Mine was spent waiting at the horse riding club for my girl to do a jumping competition and then to recieve her price! she ended up winning in her category , so I guess that was worth the while of waiting 4 hours in the wind!!:)

This girl has my heart!! she is the cutest one and the funniest too! and what a chatter box! Always talking and making stories up. 

Et voilà une toute nouvelle page faite avec le kit de Mars de Hip Kit club. Un peu de découpe et un long journaling. J'ai caché deux photos sous du papier calque pour ne pas surcharger ma page.

I made this layout to document how much I like to sew for her.
I used the March Hip Kit club kit. 
I knew I wanted a long journaling and I aso wanted to incorportate these 3 photos. So I cut bits of patterned papers to the size of my photos and then layered them, and stitched them with my sewing machine.
Then I hid some of the photos under a piece of vellum to tame the whole layout down. 

Papers and emebellishements are mostly Crate Paper and American Crafts. I am crazy about both!  That little sewing machine from Crate Paper was just spot on for me!!:=)

 Of course there is a little bit of stitching going on here!!:)
I fussy cut the "&" from a Crate Paper sheet. Oh how I enjoyed this process!
I am now working with the April Kits. There are filled with fun colors.

{ Graphic Marthe }

jeudi 16 avril 2015

I am probably the last one on the surface of the earth to sew a Marthe blouse! the whole sewing universe already had a go at it! but I was not sure this loose fiting pattern was for me.
Well, people, it is for me!!
First and foremost; it is so quick and easy to make. It is perfect for a beginner or anyone who has little time to sew. 
Secondly the fit is great! I cut in size 36 . I just added 1 cm to the length of the bodice and to the bottom of the "skirt". 

Je suis probablement le dernier être vivant sur cette planète à ne pas avoir encore cousu une Marthe!
Il faut dire que je n'étais pas sûre que cette blouse ample m'irait. J'avais tort. Ce patron est non seulement hyper rapide à coudre mais en plus, la coupe est superbe.

 Oh that wind!!! / rho ce vent!!

The fabric is from Atelier Brunette. I love that it is so soft and modern. I got it online along with the perfectly matched bias tape for the neckline finish in this shop called Un chat sur un fil.

J'ai choisi un tissu graphique de chez Atelier Brunette, acheté chez Un chat sur un fil, en ligne. Service hyper rapide et colis impeccable.

I am taking this tunic and the whole outfit to Paris next week, where I am going to meet some awesome ladies! more on that soon!

{ Follow your dreams }

lundi 13 avril 2015

The story of this dress is a dramatic one!!
It took me ages to make the dress my girl wears on that photo: I altered the pattern and took ages to make it. It was perfect. Blandine wore it once and then I washed it. Tragically, the washing machine "ate" it! it was an old machine and the dress got destroyed in it!

Would you believe me if I say we both cried??! true story!
I made this layout because I want my girl to remember that even though we lost this dress, I hope she will remember how beautiful she was in it, and how much love I put in making this dress for her! 
I also want her to know that her beauty does not depend on what she wears but on what she is inside.

Une nouvelle page avec le kit de Mars de Hip Kit Club. J'adore ce kit si féminin. Tout à fait mon style!
Une page à propos de cette robe faite pour Blandine l'été dernier, à l'histoire tragique: dévorée par la machine à laver! 

{ How long do you want to be loved? a Hip Kit Club layout }

vendredi 10 avril 2015

 These two... they are so close. always together, playing, chatting, sleeping in the same room as often as they are allowed, fighting too!
Oh, ces deux là!! quelle chance ils ont d'être là l'un pour l'autre!  Ils passent la plupart de leur temps ensemble, à  jouer, bavarder, lire, et se chamailler!
Cette photo, je  l'adore! Je l'avais prise en début d'année quand j'avais fait la robe de Reine des neiges pour Blandine. Il fallait donc la scrapper!!

I was listening to this song last time, an old lullaby called "Lullaby" sang by Edie Crey and Sarah Sample and it sang:
"How long do you want to be loved
Is forever enough
'Cause I am never never giving you up "
I thought it was totally appropriate for their sibling love and for the love I feel for them. 

{ A baptism and a neon skirt }

lundi 6 avril 2015

A baptism and a neon skirt might not have a lot in common, unless the skirt was made to be worn on the day of the said baptism!

This skirt is probably one of my favorite garments ever. I love the fabric, I love the pattern and I love to wear it!!
The fabric is some jacquard (no idea how to translate that word:) that came from Little fabrics. It is neon coral on nude background!
The pattern is my beloved Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia Creates. I made a wearale muslin and this new version has got an even better fit.

 I wore it with a blouse I bought from a sweet local shop: I love that navy-indigo color and the softness of the blouse.

My girl took the photos on Easter monday: it was freezing cold and crazy windy again! then we decided to have some fun photos together. She is such a crazy silly, just like her maman!!

Easter was also the day of her baptism. It was such a marvelous day: my mum and sister were here with us, and my children had almost all their cousins to play with.  Blandine wore a huge smile on her face all day long!

 After the church service, we had dinner in a restaurant high in the mountains. It even snowed at one point! food was delicious beyond words.

 Then we had some quiet and good family time back home : cousins and grand-ma playing together with what they had found in their Easter eggs:

As you can see on the table, Blandine got her first real grow-up Bible for her baptism. She started reading it this morning. I am hoping she will stick to this habit of reading the Word of God as often as possible. 

 I will never forget the moment the water was poured on her. She is now filled with the light of Jesus. And I hope she will also be the light of Jesus, I hope she will shine in her life and help people benefit from her light.  It was so amazing that she was baptised on Easter day, the resurrection of Christ and her being born to a new life  celebrated on the same day:so powerfully moving.

I don't have many photos from the day: it was way too cold outside for a family photo, and inside the church I was beside Blandine. My dear sister took the photos and, well, let's say she is not used to big cameras!! still I will hold these blurry shots dear for a very long time!!

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