mardi 28 octobre 2014

My Hawthorne Hues Herringbone quilt is finally quilted, finished and gifted!

Ça y est! Mon quilt chevron est enfin fini! Fini, quilté et offert!

I went for straight line quilting and added some lines along the actual herringbones to add interest:

J'ai choisi des lignes droites pour le matelassage et j'ai ajouté quelques lignes pour souligner les chevrons:
 The backing is made out of a starry fabric, pink on grey:

Le dos du quilt est un tissu à étoiles roses pâles sur fond gris:

I made a fun  binding using left overs of the Hues: it is hand-sewed to the back.

Le biais qui l'entoure est constitué de chutes de tissus de la même collection, il est cousu à la main au dos du quilt pour un meilleur aspect:
It was gifted to new born twins, in hope that they would snuggle together under it during the long winters!!

J'ai offert ce quilt à des jumeaux nouveaux-nés, tellement beaux! Je les imagine, quand ils seront plus grands, se serrant l'un contre l'autre sous ce quilt pour lire ou regarder un bon film, au chaud!

Hawthorne Hues are available here and I definitly recommend sewing with them: they are soft and the colors are very beautiful. They are perfect for quilting as well as for apparel. Remember that party dress I made for my girl?
Well! we are still enjoying some holidays and we have glorious Fall sunshine!
have a great day!

{ Penelope peplum.. thanks to Jessica }

jeudi 23 octobre 2014

 I finally made myself a Penelope Peplum Top
I had this pattern since its release but never dared sewing it!
Because, you know, just like my friend Rachel puts it: "I don't sew knits"!!

But, after dear Annika started the "save Sophie" project (!!)  Jessica Abbott sent me this most amazing jersey, rainbow and glitter all at once
Just what I need to wear to lift up my spirit. Even though this one is particulary soft and slippery and crazy to stitch for a "non knit" sewer like myself!
 J'ai enfin cousu un top Penelope Peplum.
Un patron tout simple mais très effrayant pour moi. Parce que vraiment: je ne couds pas de jersey!! aha! non non! Trop effrayant! trop de risque d'échec!!
Mais là. je ne pouvais pas résister! Jessica de The sewing Rabbit m'a envoyé ce magnifique tissu je ne pouvais pas lutter: les couleurs de l'arc-en-ciel ET qui brillent!!
Juste ce qu'il me fallait pour me remonter le moral!!

 I did struggle and my stripes are not perfectly matched at the sleeves: hey! that is my FIRST attempt at stripes matching!! I have got to be kind to myself!!:) I usually AVOID anything that has "matching" involved!

  It is sooooooooo soft to wear and I feel like I am wearing a cuddly cloud!

 It is also the perfect match for my new necklace: my "back-to-work-full-time-self-gift necklace!!":) I love it!

As usual with Kate's pattern, the fit is great. I cut in size S but might try to do size M for the shoulders next time.

I did not have enough of this gorgeous fabric for longer sleeves, but my next version will have longer sleeves for sure! Because, they say the snow is coming at the end of the week and I might have to wear hats and gloves soon!

SO thank you Jessica for this amazing knit! 
Thank you for the rainbow and softness, and for the smile on my face!


mardi 21 octobre 2014

As I am typing this post I am completely overwhelmed with joy and gratitude. 
If you follow my blog you may know that I teach. You may also know that since september my time table changed , a lot, and that I am left with very little time to look after my kids and sew. 
I had to let go of some of my sewing goals and dreams. 
I had to let go of a lot of quality time  with my kids. 
And it is hard for me. 
Now, don't get me wrong. I know that I am very lucky in many ways. And I know other women have to let go of bigger, more important dreams.
 I have a lot: I have health and a house and a job. 
But this change was not planned, not wanted and hard to settle in.
And I am creative, I must be creative in order to stay sane!

I did share my thoughts and feelings with my dear sewing online friend Annika , From Nah-Connection, a while ago, because she is so kind to me.

Il m'est arrivé quelque chose de tout à fait extraordinaire la semaine dernière. 
Vous savez peut-être que j'ai dû reprendre le travail à plein temps et que l'adaptation à ce nouveau rythme , au manque de temps pour mes enfants et mes activités couturesques a été très difficile. 
J'ai fait part de mes sentiments à mon amie Annika du blog Näh-connection. 
Et pour me consoler elle a organisé une sorte d'opération "sauvons Sophie" en ligne!!:) 
J'ai reçu de sa part un colis comprenant des tissus tout prêts à être cousus, et un patron écrit de sa main. Elle y a même ajouté une bobine de fil. Je n'ai donc plus rien à faire que de m'asseoir à ma machin et de me faire plaisir!:)  Je suis tellement émue de cette attention. 
Quelques jours après j'ai reçu un colis de la part de Jessica Abbott, créatrice du blog The sewing Rabbit, rempli de tissus magnifiques! 
Je n'arrive pas à croire que ces filles aient pris le temps de faire ces paquets et de les envoyer pour me remonter le moral! 
Ma gratitude est immense.

Well what follows has been an amazing surprise to me: last week I got a package in the post, I opened it and found some fabric, already cut and prepared along with the perfect matching spool of Guterman thread, a hand written pattern for a market tote (I mean she actually took the time to write it down for me!!:) and a wonderful card : the whole thing got me in tears of gratitude and joy. 

It turns out my dear Annika has gathered some blogging friends in order to lift up my spirits ! Some of them prepared some small sewing projects from start to finish so all I have to do is sit and sew!!

At the back of the card she wrote these words: 
"When life gives you lemons, make yourself some lemonade"
My new mantra!!

This wowan inspires me everyday. 
So far I have also received a huge pack of amazing gold fabrics from Jessica Abbott from the Sewing Rabbit! I could not believe I was getting something all the way from the US, just to make me feel better!
and guess what? 
it worked!!
I don't know if other bloggers participated but I am overwhelmed with joy already!!

I am on fall break right now, therfore I am keeping Annik'as project for next week, when I go back into the full swing of work and crazy schedules!
I realize that I had to die to some of my plans and dreams, 
but God replaced that with love and joy!
How can I not be most grateful!!
And: no, I won't achieve a lot this year, I won't have the coolest sewing blog in France nor the coolest handmade clothes.
But I have the best relationships, and it matters so much more!

And when I grabbed my camera this week-end, I could see His glory all around me, everywhere:
At the front door:

In the gift handed to me by my child:

 In the joy of being together:
 And in the beautiful Fall landscapes:

 Life is good friends! Enjoy!

{ OH! LOOK! I MADE A DRESS!!! a Sunki dress // oh wow! une robe! }

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Oh look I made a dress !! can I have some applause please?!!!
I am so glad I managed to make this Sunki I had in mind for ages! 

Oh regardez: j'ai fait une robe! yay! allez quelques applaudissments , please!!
Oui j'ai enfin réalisé ce joli patron de la robe Sunki par Figgy's.

Step by step, using some small portions of my time I made it!
I made it out of the softest flannel by Robert Kaufman I got from Hawthorne Threads. 

Petit à petit, en utilisant des petites portions de mon (encore plus petit) temps libre.
J'ai utilisé une flanelle toute douce de Robert Kaufman achetée chez Hawthorne Threads. 

I love the soft neckline of this very cool dress as well as the very beautiful sleeve caps.

J'adore la douceur du col de cette robe, ainsi que les jolies emmanchures, plissées. 
At first I was really afraid about the construction of the dress but is turned out to be very straight forward. I think if you have made some dresses before, this pattern should not be a problem for you.
However Irene from the gorgeous blog Froo & Boo gives some helpful links if you are lost.
Au début je me faisais un peu de soucis pour le montage des poches. Mais il n'y a pas besoin de s'inquiéter! Si vous avez déjà cousu quelques robes, ce sera un jeu d'enfant. 
Sinon:  L'adorable Irene de Froo & Boo propose des liens qui pourront vous aider.

 I added a "normal" zipper in the back, as advised in the pattern. I did not have time to try and sew an invisible zipper.BUt it looks good anyway like that and we love this dress here.
It felt so good to be able to hang this dress on my girl's door so she could find it in the morning when she woke up.
I can't get enough of her screaming out of pure delight when she discovers what I have just made for her!! Pure joy, I am telling you!

This Sunki is perfect for the autumnal weather that has arrived here. The dress is warm and soft, just like my girl's face!:)

I had a harsh week: my computer was down for 10 days, I worked really hard this last 2 weeks. 
But today , as I came back home I found the most wonderful surprise in my post box. I will tell you more about that great surpise next week. 
talk to you son!:)

{ inside the current// prise dans le courant }

vendredi 3 octobre 2014

To say I am swept in the current of time, and tasks and work to do is an understatement .
After an ultimate change of my timetable , I am now down to 45 minutes of time alone at home without the kids IN THE WHOLE WEEK!!!!!
What am I supposed to do with 45 minutes??
oh well.. last week I managed to sew 4 sweet coasters for a friend's birthday:

Dire que je suis prise dans le courant, dans le flot du temps, est un euphémisme!!
Après un dernier changement d'emploi du temps au collège, il ne me reste maintenant plus que 45 minutes dans la semaine, seule sans les enfants! 45 MINUTES!!! arghhhhhhhh!
qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire en 45 minutes?? du ménage? du linge!!? SOS!

La semaine dernière, pendant ces 45 minutes, je me suis assise devant ma machine et j'ai cousu ces petites sous-tasses pour l'anniversaire d'une amie.
 I used Patty Sloniger awesome new collection: Emma's Garden, available here.

 Just 4 small quilted coasters....
But, guess what! it made me SO happy to be able to sit in front of my machine and just enjoy a small project!

Juste 4 petites sous-tasses.. mais comme j'étais contente d'avoir réussi à coudre quelque chose du début à la fin!!
J'ai ajouté une petite carte cadeau pour mon amie, et enveloppé le tout dans un beau ruban. 

 I added a gift card for a local clothes shop for my friend and wrapped it in ribbon.

I have many more sewing projects , but try to keep them small and manageable!:)
- I love this month's pattern member patterns over at the sewing Rabbit and I have aready printed and prepared the Dolmen dress pattern.
- I am also ready to sew a back pack for my boy, just waiting for some supplies to arrive in the post.
- For my girl, my Sunki dress pattern is also ready; I ordered some gorgeous Flannel from Hawthorne Threads. 
Bien sûr j'ai d'autres projets en cours. De petits projets, réalistes, et réalisables! Une robe pour ma fille en flanelle, un sac pour mon petit et une robe oversize pour mon automne à moi!

Last week , we also enjoyed a beautiful sunday service, in this 11th century Abbey, perched high up in the Alps, facing Mont Blanc, the highest moutain in Europe!
Gorgeous in its simplicity. Just PER-FECT.
Did you see the cross in the sky?

In the midst of it all, in the midst of everyday routine of a working mum, in the midst of exhaustion and papers to mark and children to lead and look after, in the midst of household chores and home work to look to.... I feel so drawn to Jesus. I can feel His embrace, soothing me with a gentle touch, Him telling me that He knows, that he cares, that he sees me doing all these things and that they are my calling right now. 
At first I did fight this new schedule. I tried to hang on to my "me" time and I felt torn. 
But these past 2 weeks, I learnt to let go of this feeling and really tried to embrace this new schedule. 
If I cannot do anything else than teaching and caring for my family, I might just as well embrace the whole process and try my best at it. 
So I keep on trying to be the homemaker:
And as autumn is now upon us, I rejoice in its beauty, taking a bit of its beauty inside our home. 

{ Sew simple sunday }

dimanche 21 septembre 2014

I had this gorgeous Liberty lawn Mitsi in mint.
I had very little time (insert huge sigh!)  at hand.
I had a terrible desire to sew!!
SO............... I made myself this cute little skirt.

J'avais ce magnifique coupon de Liberty Mitsi Menthe à l'eau de chez Cousette. 
J'avais très peu de temps et une terrible envie de coudre. 
Je me suis donc fait une petite "Mademoiselle Twist" de Vanessa Pouzet, un patron débutante, tout ce qu'il y a de plus relax, un bonbon pour la couturière!!
It is the perfect beginner's pattern, but alas for you , dear international readers: it is in french.
And it is even more sad because I love how this pattern is written: Vanessa Pouzet takes you through this pattern and offers many little extra you can add, with so much humour!
Rarely did I laugh so much while sewing! 

Le patron est tout à fait parfait. J'adore l'humour dont fait preuve Vanessa. J'ai rarement autant ri en cousant!! 
J'aime beaucoup les différentes options qui sont proposées: version ultra-simple ou avec petits détails.

This skirt has a cut waist band: flat in the front and elasticated in the back:

J'ai choisi la version plus chic: seul le dos est élastiqué:

I chose to add some piping to the bottom hem and to make a reversible version, using some chambray on the inside. 

I sewed the hem three times , which gives a nice finish and a great look!

J'ai ajouté un passepoil au bas de la jupe et j'ai également choisi la version réversible avec du chambray jean à l'intérieur:

I so hope you will excuse the fact that I am less present on this blog!
Really, I have so little time at hand this year, it is not even funny.
I miss my nice free afternoons when I was able to have long stretches of time for sewing. I do miss it A LOT!!

J'espère que vous excuserez la rareté de mes passages sur ce blog.
Dire que le temps où j'avais de longues après-midis couture devant moi me manque est un euphémisme. Mais j'espère trouver un rythme qui me permette de coudre plus souvent .. bientôt.. peut-être.

please bear with me while I try to adjust and hopefully I will come back soon with more sewing!!

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