{ autumn weaving // un tissage d'automne}

mercredi 23 septembre 2015

Voilà un nouveau tissage, que je ne vous avais pas encore montré! c'est mon tissage d'automne  aux couleurs douces. Je me suis beaucoup amusée à construire ces dessins géométriques. 

I made this weaving a while ago and had not taken the time to share it here.
I enjoyed the process of weaving this geometric design in fall colors. 

If ever you follow me on Instagram, you may already have seen these shots of the weaving still on its loom. The process really is amazingly therapeutic for me right now. 

I must say that when I got back to work at the beginning of this month, I thought I would have plenty of time to dive into big projects: I wanted to start sewing  a lot again and I wanted to quilt again. 
But really, my kids are growing up and it seems like they need me even more than before!! I thought I could rely on the good old autonomy thing!! but no! they do need me more. They need me for homework, to take them to soccer and horse riding, to take them to bible school ! 
They need to tell me about their days! It is a different kind of me they need from when they were babies. But, still, they need me A LOT! 
And really, this leaves so little energy, and so little me time, in the end!
So at the end of the day, I am happy to sit on the couch and grab my loom. My fingers are busy, my mind is scheming pretty designs and color combo, and that is all I need right now!

I still have plans to sew my wardrobe: they are so many cool patterns I want to make for fall, so I am hoping that when september is over, and we are all settled in our new routines, I will have the energy to sew again!

Si vous me suivez sur Instagram , vous aurez peut-être déjà vu ces photos du tissage encore sur le métier! le processus est réellement thérapeutique pour moi. En ce moment, avec la folie de la rentrée et la reprise des activités de chacun, je n'ai pas la force d'entamer de gros projets coutures. 
Alors je suis très satisfaite de m'asseoir sur mon canapé, avec mon métier à tisser et d'occuper mes doigts avec de douces textures et mon esprit avec des choix de design et de couleurs!

But for now, it makes me happy to touch and look at this wall hanging.
In order to hang it, I used a piece of driftwood I found on the beach during our Italian vacation this summer. I love that I get to have a piece of this beloved place with me right now.

J'aime cette tenture, et je suis heureuse aussi d'y avoir ajouté un morceau de bois flotté trouvé sur ma plage italienne favorite cet été.  Cela lui donne un petit supplément d'âme qui me plait bien!

{ Why I love weaving / pourquoi j'aime tisser }

samedi 12 septembre 2015

I am really new to weaving, but it seems like it landed in my life at the perfect moment! Here are the reasons why:

#1  I love weaving because you can create beautiful things. And I love creating beautiful things!!
I get to play with colors and design! mmm. Yes! please! This piece I made last week was inspired by the  Arizona fabric collection by April Rhodes. I have sewn with some of these fabrics and, really, I adore every color combination she uses.

#2: I love weaving because I can do it while kids play around me, or while my hubby watches tv. It is not noisy and I don't have to lock myself in my studio when I weave.
It is something that gives me the same feeling as hand sewing the binding on a quilt. I feel part of a long line of women, ancestral women who always have felt the need to be creative and managed to create while managing their daily life and chores. Creating in the midst: I love that!

#3: I love to feel the threads under my fingers and I get a similar feeling as touching a great soft fabric or a finished quilt. I am very new to weaving, but still I can sense that there is a whole world to discover out there in terms of quality and texture of yarn. And I am loving the idea of discovering it eventually!

#4. I love weaving because I can share that with my girl and I hope to pass on the love of handmade things to her.
here is her first creation:

#5: I love weaving because I made a deliberate choice to make time for the most important this year: family, friends, Bible study and creativity.
A weaving project takes less of my time and of my energy than a sewing project. It does not leave me tired but rather energized and gives me the feeling of accomplishing something beautiful in a short time.  I need this right now in my life and it came at the perfect time!

My dear friend Rachel says weaving, like knitting, is more about "being" than about "doing". I can only agree with that.

As I posted my most recent weaving on Instagram this week-end, a lovely lady asked if I would sell it. It had not even occured to me that anyone would want to buy my weavings. But she seemed to love this one so much that I could not say no. It felt weird to send her this piece against some money! But then I thought I could buy more yarn with that money! and it felt fair. On the package I sent her, I used the name I used when I sold some of my quilts in the past : "sc studio" and it was fun playing the business woman!

Maybe in the future, will I be able to gift some of my weavings and maybe even sell some of them too. Who knows what the future holds?
 But in the meantime, I am so glad to think that this lady will be happy to look at this piece that I weaved patiently.

{ Entering a new season / le début d'une nouvelle saison

mercredi 9 septembre 2015

September always feels a bit like a second january for me! being a teacher AND a mom I feel even more that it is a new start in the year.  I usually use this time to set new goals according to my new timetable. I take time to reflect upon what I want this new year to look like and our life to look like too!
September is the time to say goodbye to our sweet Italian vacations: oh: yes! How we love our time by the sea, there, together as a family. The food, the people, the language, we try to make the most of it all. 

Septembre a toujours eu un petit air de janvier pour moi! en tant que prof et maman, c'est toujours un moment où je réévalue mes objectifs , surtout en fonction de mon emploi du temps. 
C'est un moment de transition où il faut dire au revoir à nos belles vacances italiennes! Les 10 jours que nous passons là-bas sont toujours une belle parenthèse: les glaces, la plage et la chaleur mais surtout nous 4 ensemble tous les jours! C'est vraiment cela que nous aimons le plus.

 Life is good there. Maybe because of the delicious pasta and amazing icecream. Maybe because we have so little time as a family during the year that we truly enjoy these 10 days together!

But yes, we have to say goodbye to that!

Mais, oui, il faut bien rentrer un jour!! Cette année cette belle petite a eu 9 ans le lendemain de notre retour. Coup dur n° 1! c'était hier que nous sortions de la maternité non???

This year this girl turned 9 the day after we came back and she had a blast with her friends.
She says she would rather still be a baby, because babies have the cutest feet! but still.. I think she is growing up too fast anyways, and without my permission!!

Et puis bien sûr, ils sont retournés  à l'école, mais cette année, dans une nouvelle école, et la première semaine a eu son lot de larmes et d'anxiété.

 And then we all went back to school: these two went to a new school and we had a hard first week. I am glad for one thing: that they felt that it was ok to feel bad and cry in mama's arms because they were anxious of not making friends fast enough. I am trying to parent these kids with as much grace as I can. And I am so glad that they know that I am here for them and that they can find comfort in their home whenever they need it. 
In the end, after 10 days, they are settling in, loving their teachers and they have found new friends. 
I am praying for them a lot these days: praying for protection and joy in learning. 

Ne parlons même pas de l'inscription au foot, qui m'a fait basculer dans un monde inconnu et redouté!! (insérer sanglots de la mère qui va devoir assister aux matchs le samedi!!) .

This boy started playing soccer. And to make a long story short, let's say that we weren't sure at first that we wanted him to play socker! But we agreed and I am so glad we did because I got to witness his delight yesterday as he attended his first real training session!

Et puis, comme ça, aujourd'hui, comme si mon cœur de maman pouvait en supporter davantage, voilà qu'il a 6 ans! Mais bon, il a promis d'être toujours mon bébé! alors tout va bien! (insérer bruits de sanglots de mère démunie!!) .

He also turned 6 today: 2 birthdays in a row are a lot to take in for my mama's heart! No matter how hard I try to enjoy each moment with open hands and a grateful heart, time seems to rush by way too fast!

SO that is where we are at right now! In the midst really, like most of you out there!

voilà donc pour notre vie aujourd'hui... la routine quoi, comme vous! bisous!

{ Je tisse... // weaving my summer days }

mercredi 12 août 2015

Oui! je sais ce que vous vous dites:" N'en a-t-elle pas assez ? Ne peut-elle donc se satisfaire de la couture, du scrap et du dessin??" 
Et bien non!! Parce que je suis une apprentie pour la vie, ou DE la vie plutôt! J'aime apprendre et j'aime découvrir et tout ce qui peut me permettre d 'exprimer ma créativité, je l'acceuille à bras ouverts! 
Alors quand, au hasard de mes ballades sur la toile j'ai découvert le "weaving", ou "tissage" à la main, je n'ai pas pu résister. Comment ne pas aimer cette technique qui combine couleurs, motifs et belles matières??!!

You all know that I am a learner. Learning and growing and experimenting make me happy. I never have enough ways to express my creativity. 
This year, I joined Creativebug, a platform of DIY classes varied and of great quality.  Perfect for people like me!!
And along the way I found this weaving class by Annabel Wrigley. I watched it many times before deciding to get started.
Annabel teaches you how to make your own loom, but I am way to impatient for that and I found many places online (yes! even in France:!) where I could get a loom for a reasonable price. And so I did! And a lot of different yummy colored yarns!!

Alors me voilà lancée dans l'aventure. J'ai trouvé un métier à tisser sur "Jeux de mailles" mais  on peut en trouver aussi sur Butinette ou sur Arrowshop.com.
 On peut aussi fabriquer son propre métier à tisser mais je suis bien trop impatience pour cela!!
J'ai suivi un cours sur Creativebug, une plateforme de cours DIY en ligne d'excellente qualité.  Malheureusement il vous faut maitriser l'anglais. 

 C'est un travail hyper relaxant et qui laisse vraiment place à la créativité. Je suis sous le charme!

Weaving is amazingly relaxing and I am in heaven when I can play with colors, design and nice textures!! SO here is to another adventure!

 Alors voici donc une nouvelle aventure, qui sera menée en parallèle avec mes autres aventures créatives!! et voici mon premier tissage fini. Celui-ci est pour mon studio!

{ A Ponderosa dress and a bit of summer...}

lundi 3 août 2015

I have the feeling that Blandine's summer wardrobe is pretty full! So now I have started preparing her autumn / back to school outfits. 
I was really attracted by the Ponderosa Dress by Elegance and Elephants, it has been in my library for a long time now. 
I also have decided that my fabric stash being full to the brim, I didn't need to buy more fabric and would have to use what I have on hand (which is only awesome stuff of course!!) . 

So I went for a combination of mustard jersey and this gorgeous french fabric called "Tatouée pour la journée" / "Tatooed for the day" by Aime comme Marie. I think I got it from Cousette last year. 

I love the design of the dress: I think it is so so clever.
But I regret how the top part is cut around the shoulders and armholes. Although I cut an 8 for my girl who is just under an 8 in heigth and way under in terms of hip and chest, the dress is really on the tiny side. It is not something I encountered when sewing other patterns by E&E, for instance the Hemlock tee. So I don't know, maybe I did something wrong while sewing. 

I want to do another version of this dress, because I really love that  look. But I will probably cut in size 9 and make the armholes a little wider. 
Because the the dress was a bit too short, I did not hem any parts: I just used my serger foot on my machine and stitched around the hems, leaving them pretty raw for a more sporty look. 

The construction of the dress is very easy. I did not even use my serger. It is a quick and easy sew, perfect for summer sewing!

 I made an infinity scarf with the same mustard jersey to go with it.
 Oh! this girl! she will soon be nine and I still can't get over it! She is a very special girl, but we are working on softening her character on a daily basis. It is not an easy task, but we are making progress and God has given her a good heart and a creative spirit. 

As for daily life:
we are still enjoying the slow rhythm of summer, one month in our break.
This week-end she made these legwarmers for her brother's teddy while I was napping!!

Which make for a happy brother!!

These two are ALWAYS together and they play continually, pretend games or fun songs! Blandine spends a lot of time bossying her little brother around:) 

I actually have to force them to go get some quiet time, each of them in their own room. They need this time, otherwise they end up getting on each others nerves!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen that I keep on trying to learn to draw! I am enjoying watercolor and capturing daily beauties. I have come to realize that most of the creative things I do tend to come down to just this: I love capturing the beauty in the mondain, may it be through scrapbooking, drawing or painting. It is a way of expressing my gratitude for the small things that make life good!

{ Eat This book: my thoughts, half way through }

dimanche 19 juillet 2015

 I began reading the Bible on January first, after my friend Rachel and I had decided we would follow a reading plan through the year and do it together.
The idea of making a serious reading of the Bible and to get to know the word of God had been on my mind for about a year until we exchanged emails that led to that decision.

Now we are more than half way through, and not only am I enjoying it, I am changed by the experience. And, of course, I can't help but share with you this experience.
I thought I would give you a few toughts and maybe some tips, in case you feel led to do this kind of reading.

We are following Blackhawk Church's plan. We like it because everyday you read a few chapters as  well as a psalm. There are also many resources offered online by the church to help you through your journey.

#1: Invest in a Study Bible, if you can afford it : for a first timer like myself it is a life saver! Rachel offered me this edition at the beginning of the year and I LOVE it!
I also listen to the 5 minutes videos that are made to go with the reading plan and are really helpful to grasp the overall meaning of each book. 
You can also use Apps that offer access to different translations and different commentaries on the Bible. 

#2: Find a reading partner, or 2 or 3!!  First of all because in the midst of life, work and domestic chores, it can be easy to "forget" about your daily reading or to let it fall to the bottom of a long "To Do" list. With Rachel, we regularly exchange emails about where we are at, and what thoughts and prayers arise from our reading. If I had been alone doing the reading plan, I probably would have quit after 2 months or so.

#3: MAKE time, don't wait to have the time to read!! it does not take long: you don't need a whole hour everyday. Rachel says sometimes she only needs 15 minutes. As for me, as it is the first time that I actually read he Bible, I need more time:I like to take notes and write down whatever I take from the passages. The amount of time I need everyday is between 20 and 35 minutes.
You may say  that you do not have 30 minutes?? well MAKE time! that is what I do: I don't watch tv anymore, and sometimes instead of reading a novel before sleep I do my daily reading!
Trust me: it is life changing and totally worth the investment!

#4: Go beyond the simple reading: create an inner dialogue with the text:
When I read the chapters I often ask myself :
- How does this chapter apply to me?
- What truth am I learning ?
- What am I learning about God's character?
- Is there any type of behavior or character issues  I am taught to avoid/ to embrace ?

Finally, when I have time, I use the reading of the psalm as a prayer to close my reading.
By going through these kind of questions,  I find that I go beyong the simple reading and actually can apply these ancient truths to my own daily life.
I also learn to grow in my relationship with God, as I can see, again and again, how trustworthy and faithful He is.

 How reading the Bible in a year has changed me so far:

#1 I truly feel the love of God, I trust in His unfailing love and faithfulness. Therefore, I don't feel the need for others approval as much as I used to. Don't get me wrong, I am not a saint, and I still crave attention sometimes. But I don't let others define me: I am defined by my relationship with God and by His love for me. I used to get really stessed if I didn't blog twice a week, or if I didn't get any comments on my blog. But, strangely, I don't feel that way anymore. I do things that fullfil and make me happy. I do things because I think they create beauty and add peace to the world, not to impress anyone. And that is a big step forward!

#2 : I don't have to do things in  my own strength: I can reach for Him and know He is here, with me.Therefore I feel stronger and less prone to stress and anxiety. And even when I am, it doesn't lead to excessive crisis.

# 3: I am more thankful, praising and thanking God for the small things, the daily beauties.

#4: I am more tolerant and I am more inclined to help others and to listen to them in a proper way.

#5: I know that I am a mess, full of imperfections. But I am loved and I CAN love thanks to God's grace.

Actually, I could go on forever! the transformation is quite radical. I don't know if it is visible on the outside, but I feel how radical it is on the inside. I still have a long way to go in faith, but the journey really is amazing and it brings so much joy!

 If ever you have been brave enough to reach the end of this long post, well: thank you! If you have tried this kind of reading, please do share your experience or questions with me! I would love to hear!

{ A whimsical Antalya dress }

lundi 13 juillet 2015

Yes, people! it is finally summer! finally!
I feel like this year has been a long, very long monday! 
But finally since last week I have been able to enjoy life and my family. 
After a year in which I felt all I was saying to the kids was something along the line of :" Hurry up! put your shoes / coat / trousers... on!!! " or "hurry up ! go get a shower! " I can finally ENJOY them!
I get to see them walk, and dance! I get to watch them swim and I can alctually take time to cuddle and answer their tousand questions. 
I am so grateful for these moments and I feel myself again! 
That said, I also had the time to go back to my much missed sewing machine and I got to sew the Antalya dress I had been dreaming of for weeks!! 

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