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jeudi 18 juin 2015

Meeting An from Straight Grain in Paris last April was delightful. And when she asked me to take part in her much anticipated Ishi pattern release tour, of course, I joined happily. I had seen sneek peaks of the dress on her blog and thought it was a pattern my girl would love: princess seams and big pockets are bound to make little girls happy! 

When we were in Paris I found the perfect combination of 3 fabrics with my Ishi in mind: I found the floral and pink neon stripes at the Petit Pan shop and what I believe to be silk lawn at La droguerie. 
I was so happy because , really, the 3 are a perfect match!

The dress is a very easy sew. The only tricky part is the princess seams, but An takes you through it with tips and tricks.
However, I would not be able to tell you how long it could take on average to make this dress: the last few weeks have been quite nightmarish for me, with so much work and 2 displaced vertebraes! so I really took this dress one seam at a time: and it took me a whole 3 weeks to complete. But I would say that it took about 3 hours maximum to make it altogether!!

I thought this very special dress needed a little accessory: I made a headband in 15 minutes to make a cute outfit.

Because my girl is so thin , I cut a size 6 in all widths and added 2  3/4 inches  to all hemlines following Julie from our chez nous advice (yes there are some real conversations happening on Instagram! if you have not joined that amazing community, I can only encourage you to join us in the fun!!) .
 The fit is perfect that way!

The head band is reversible: the other side is made out of the neon stripped fabric. 

The result is amazing: we all love this very special dress here: the fabric is extremely beautiful and precious and the cut of the dress is something quite unusual too. 

One more happy sewer and one more happy girl in this world! thanks An for inviting me to be part of this tour!
Today you can also check out Kelly's version on her blog here. 

8 commentaires:

  1. Ce tissu est une merveille, c'est mon préféré de chez Petit Pan. Du coup la robe est une vraie réussite, ta fille doit adorer ces poches, non ? Très bonne idée le bandeau, joli rappel. Tu me tentes, mais tu me tentes...

  2. Quelle jolie robe !!! Ce que j'aime le plus : Ces grandes poches !

  3. Oh I have been waiting to see the finished dress. It looks stunning. The fabrics you have chosen compliment each other so well! The colours look amazing on your gorgeous girl.

  4. So pretty! What a cute idea to sew a matching headband, too! Blandine is gorgeous! <3

  5. sooooo pretty. really! love that dress. it sure is the perfect fabric combination. hope you're feeling better!

  6. Thank you so much, Sophie, for creating this stunning Ishi dress. The colors, the pictures, the matching headband... I'm just in love with it! And I'm so grateful to you for creating this dress despite your back pains and full agenda. Big xo, and feel better soon!

  7. The dress is so pretty! Love the fabric combo, you are right all three go perfectly together! What a great find! I hope you are feeling better.


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