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mercredi 27 mai 2015

Real life has been taking over in the last week or so.
Work and rehearsals for my kids circus performances and, well , you know, marking worksheets, household chores, ....... well: LIFE!!

The whole thing left me quite exhausted.
And there is one lesson I learnt in the midst: never cut a pattern when you are that tired! 
I was making this cool Rowan Tee for my girl, because I needed some creative time.
I felt really tired but I thought I really needed to cut and sew!
I realized when I was almost finished that I had cut the sleeves wrong and that they were not symetrical at all!

It was one of these "argh" moments when I could beat myself up for messing up  such a cool fabric and such an awesome pattern.

I was really really unhappy with myself! I had no more fabric, and there was just NO WAY I would undo all these serged seams! NO WAY!!

But in the end the girl loved it so much and did not even notice the sleeves.
Plus all my friends on Instagram were so kind to me and did their best to make me feel better: I came to accept the idea that it was a "beautiful mess"!

The Panda fabric was gifted to us for our Paris sew Social event by Alles fuer selbermacher. I love it so much.
The pattern is the same Rowan tee by titchy Threads. I cut in 6 and added length to meet the 8th length.

We went for a long walk by the lake on sunday , the kids rode their bikes and I couldn't have been happier! I had long forgotten my failure.

That boy loves his new big bike: check out this face!!

 The kid's Circus performances at our local theater was beautiful: here is the girl before the "première": so excited!

She got to play a fun part in one of the interludes:

Drawing seems so much easier and convenient in times of long working hours. It is so much easier in the evenings  to pull out a pen and draw than to have to match seams perfectly!
I did find some time to do some quick drawing in my sketchbook:

a flock of birds

And learning to draw feathers:

Playing and experimenting with watercolor:


and finally dreaming of some hot weather through cactus!! they still need  color though!

We have 6 weeks to go until summer break.
I truly cannot wait!

11 commentaires:

  1. Sophie, the t shirt is just wonderful! the important thing is that she will enjoy it lots. I was looking all your drawings and love them sooo much, you re very talented. I used to paint with water colors but that was years ago. I should take my paper and brush out and try again.

  2. Gosh Sophie you have a real talent with a paintbrush and a pen. I think your drawings are great. The Rowan tee looks great too.

    How will anyone ever notice not quite perfect sleeves when you have cute kid, cool hairstyle, bright yellow and pandas. Sleeves? Did it have sleeves?

  3. very cute tee and doesn't look like a "mistake" at all! and i really really love your art!!!

  4. I love your sketches! The birds and the feathers are gorgeous!

  5. Aw, Blandine! She's so pretty. I love that first picture so much! And Maxence, too! He is so cute! Gah! Melts my heart! The shirt is so great! And your artwork is AMAZING. We have cacti here in San Antonio! <3 Beautiful post!

  6. I don't see any asymmetry. Am I too tired? Probably))
    You watercolors look nice, when you blend colors they give such interesting shades.

  7. oh yes, I have two self-imposed rules: 10 do not cut fabric when tired, and 2) do not cut fabric when tired. I could have had 10 rules like that because I don't seem to be able to learn hahaha But seriously, the tee is gorgeous. Your little customer loves it, and in the end that's what really matters. I love it too :) Your artwork is beautiful!


    1. I read, enjoy and learn from your blog. Thanks! Keep on posting.

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  8. Je ne vois aucun défaut à ce tee-shirt, il semble parfait comme tout ce que tu fais! Tu as vraiment de l'or dans tes doigts!! Courage pour cette fin d'année scolaire, les vacances seront bientôt là!

  9. Lovely sketches and paintings! Beautiful colors. Your children are adorable!

  10. Sophie, I am so in love with your drawings! I keep checking them on IG and here. You really are talented!


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