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lundi 18 mai 2015

When I was in Paris, I met the über cute Laura of Titchy Threads. She is the sweetest lady and such a talented pattern designer. 
When we came back, she offered us a pattern of our choice in her shop and I went for the Rowan Tee knowing that it would be a staple I would like to re-use many times. 

The pattern: I chose this pattern because it comes with many options and I love that! 
You can add long sleeves, a hood, pockets, ... value for money let me tell you!!
It is also great both for girls and boys.
I love that the explanations come with photos and many very clear diagrams. 
I also love that you can select which size you want to print. 
It is a great pattern and the cut is perfect. I would recommend it to anyone who wants a cool top for their kid:) 

The sizing:
I was really frustrated when spring finally sprung here, to find out that most of the clothes I made last spring-summer were already too small for my little boy. 
So I decided that I would cut and size his clothes on the larger side this year.
For this tee, his measurements for chest and waist put him in a size 4, but his height in a size 6. So, just as I did for his latest Ottobre trousers, I simply cut in size 6 and it is perfect. 

The fabric:
Between this fabric and I, well, it was love at first sight! true love! I am so glad I got so much of it ! I can actually make another hoody version of this tee with long sleeves for him for this autumn!
it is so soft and we all reckon here that those tigers are the coolest on earth!!
It was gifted by our Paris sponsor NOSH. Thank you NOSH!

Yes it is knit, and yes, I know some of you are very scared by knits!! but I must admit I used my serger to make it. 
What I find is not so nice on my regular machine when I sew knits is the hems: because I am too lazy to put a double-needle to sew the hems, I usually use the lightening stitch which I also use for all the other seams. BUT it sometimes creates waves on my hems! 
However this patterns solves the problem : the cuffed hems!! yay! no more wavy hems.  I am pretty sure that you could sew this on any regular machine and have great results, especially if you make the cuffed hem options. My opinion.

The boy is so happy with this tee. When he first put it on he just prawled in the garden roaring like a tiger!

Love him!

8 commentaires:

  1. C'est superbe Sophie ! Ta maîtrise du jersey est impressionnante... J'ai vu ce tissu - et bien d'autres du même style chez Ilona store (site français).

  2. Looks great Sophie. Works especially well with the black trims. How did I let my daughter talk me out of this fabric?

  3. Sophie he is so gorgeous! Love little boys being tigers...makes me nostalgic for my oh-so-big boy....I've been taking baby steps in knits, and have made a flipped version of this Rowan Tee, it's not perfect, I've a lot to learn, but I reckon it's a pattern I'll come back to again and again... x

  4. Such a cute shirt. Love the lion print with the shoulder detail.

    So frustrating how kids grow! :) At least with little girls you can add some leggings to the out grown dress and call it a tunic.

  5. This is so cute, Sophie! He is such a handsome boy! And I love what you did with the tshirt! Super awesome! He looks like such a little man. He melts my heart! <3

  6. ROARRRRRR, he looks so awesome! what a fun shirt.

  7. The options you chose couldn't have been any more perfect for this fabric Sophie! It looks fantastic on your son and he's such a cutie. Thank you for your sweet words my friend.

  8. Fantastic Sophie. Such a perfect t-shirt on a very handsome boy! And having just used this pattern for pyjamas, I agree that when you can make a t-shirt entirely on the serger then life is good!


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