{ Sewing with fabric from Paris: a pair of Ottobre trousers }

mardi 12 mai 2015

The fabric:
This is the first item I have sewn with some of my Paris fabric. 
I am crazy about the fabric: it is a gorgeous linen I bought from La Droguerie. It is light enough for summer clothes and has this gorgeous stone gray I love. 

Un nouveau pantacourt pour Max, avec un tissu en lin acheté à la Droguerie à Paris. 

The pattern:

It is pattern number 20 in Ottobre summer 3/2014 I got as a gift from Ottobre who sponsored us for our trip!!
The bottom hems should be elasticated but I could not be bothered and I am still thinking I like the trousers as they are now. I might wait until the boy wears them a whole day to decide if I should add the elastics or not!

Sizing is perfect: I cut in 116 , just the size of my boy and did not change a single thing on the pattern!
I adore the pleats at the knees and nice big pockets. 

I like that the waist is elasticated and that is has a faux fly! I have not yet tried a real fly but I will one day! I have the perfect pattern to learn, I just need to get started!!

Le parton vient du numéro été 3/2014 de Ottobre, reçu en cadeau par Ottobre qui est un de nos sponsors. Il s'agit du patron n° 20, légèrement modifié parce que je n'ai pas ajouté les élastiques au bas des jambes. 
Taillé en 116 selon la taille de mon fils, sans autre modif!

The boy:
 The boy is ALWAYS happy to wear what I sew for him, always. And he was so happy to wear these with his T-Shirt I got him in Paris. Perfect theme match if you ask me!!

He flies perfectly with these one, so I say it is a victory!!

6 commentaires:

  1. One day I really want to get to know Maxence (and Blandine of course) and to sit in your beautiful garden surrounded by the mountains and talk and laugh with you for hours ;)

  2. The shorts look so good and the fabric is beautiful! Great choice!

  3. Awesome job, Sophie! The pockets! <3<3<3 And I want linen from Paris! :D

  4. Il est superbe ! J'adore la coupe :)

  5. love those knees split thingies! Perfect pants and lovely fabric


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