{ A scrapbook layout and a few thoughts on motherhood }

dimanche 10 mai 2015

It is not Mother's day in France, but I know it is in many other parts of the world.
On instagram I see beautiful photos and thoughts on motherhood and I am always touched by these testimonies.
So I thought it was the prefect timing to post this layout I made before going to Paris. It documents a photo from my 37th birthday, back in december. 

The layout:
I am using April's kit from Hip Kit Club. 
I used a lot of Amy Tan's papers and embellies and the grid paper is Elle's Studio, if I am not mistaken. 
Somehow, it took me ages to make this layout. I think the colors in the photos did not make it easy for me. But I am happy with the end result and the fact that I was able to incorporate a long journaling. 

On motherhood: 
I love being a mother to these 2 beautiful kids.
A lot of the time I feel like a failure, when they fight or winge about the smallest thing.
But most of the time, I look at them and I am overwhelmed with pride and joy. They have inherited my taste for crafts and my love of stories. They are kind and sympathetic to those who suffers.

There are things that still don't come easy to me: I am not always very patient and I really suck at doing my girl's hair! first because it is thick, curly and wild. Second, .... well... because I suck at it!!

and success!
So yesterday with the help of Pinterest (thank God for Pinterest!)  I managed this totally imperfect "Twisted french Braid" (why "french"???) . It worked and my girl and I were so happy! I felt so proud of myself, like I was finally a "proper" girl's mum!!

So I was inspired to document this moment of utter joy and pride! and for once I thought I might try drawing rather than scrapbooking! I used Micron pens and I love the result.

I am a learner and a crafter. The two combined together results in an addiction to classes of any kind!! I learnt to quilt by taking a class on Craftsy! Really! the best class ever by the way, taught by Camille Roskelley.
Right now I am totally addicted to learning to paint with watercolors and also with pens. I am taking 3 different classes and loving it! there are all available on Creativebug:
Two of them are taught by Lisa Condgon. I fell in love with her work as soon as I saw the classes and now I am following her blog and work. The third is the watercolor class and I love  it.

As a kid, I used to draw all the time. But as I grew up I kind of started to think that drawing was not a serious matter for an adult woman, mother and teacher. But now, I really feel this urge to make time and explore the possiblilities.

As my children are growing up, I am able to find more time for myself and my crafts. And I like that they know that Mama needs her creative time in order to be a happy mama! especially my girl: I like to model for her that a woman needs some time to herself from time to time.
 I usually take this creative time in the evening, when all the rest is done and when I am not too exhausted from my day at work. I love that in the morning, when they wake up, the first thing they like to do is run to my studio to see what Mama has been going up too the previous night!

5 commentaires:

  1. great post!! and how talented you are - i already knew you could scrap and sew well - had no idea you were so great at drawing, too!

  2. wow that drawing is so beautiful, i love your artistic style!! loved your thoughts on motherhood too - we definitely all have our faults, but almost every mother i know is constantly trying to do better for her kids, be a better person...that's what they do to us!!

  3. Wow, Sophie, you can also draw! so many talents for one girl:)
    Nice braid - when I was in school my mom did me "french braid" (no twists), I don't know why it's called so.

  4. That's a really nice scrapbook page. I love the colours! And that drawing is just amazing! I enjoyed your thoughts on motherhood. Most mothers feel their failures so strongly, but I believe the best we can teach our children is to be our best selves. I think you're already doing a great job of that, by modeling it in yourself!

  5. Sophie, this is so beautiful! You have so many talents. You nailed that drawing! Nailed it. Incredible. Yeah, I feel what you are saying, too, about motherhood. There are always areas in which I wish to improve. Sometimes I feel I am too hard on myself, but then at other times, I do feel this desire to improve has made me a better mother and a better person. How exciting that you children can see what you've been up to the previous night! I love that! Love all you do, Sophie.


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