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lundi 13 juillet 2015

Yes, people! it is finally summer! finally!
I feel like this year has been a long, very long monday! 
But finally since last week I have been able to enjoy life and my family. 
After a year in which I felt all I was saying to the kids was something along the line of :" Hurry up! put your shoes / coat / trousers... on!!! " or "hurry up ! go get a shower! " I can finally ENJOY them!
I get to see them walk, and dance! I get to watch them swim and I can alctually take time to cuddle and answer their tousand questions. 
I am so grateful for these moments and I feel myself again! 
That said, I also had the time to go back to my much missed sewing machine and I got to sew the Antalya dress I had been dreaming of for weeks!! 

I had been hoarding these fabrics : Wee Wander by Sarah Jane for Michael Miller, for more than a year, knowing I would use them for a special project for my horse loving daughter. 

You can see her in these photos pursuing her favorite activity, dressed up as what we think a cow girl looks like!
She is a fierce horse rider and obstacle jumper. 
She knows how to handle those small horses with authority and loving care! 

But she is also a real princess, precious and fragile and even more so in this new Antalya dress:

So I paired this feathers fabric, with this gorgeous whimsical one!
I really went for that fushia pink including for the exposed zipper.

I usually sew a size 6 for her as she is so thin. But this time, based on what my dear Rachel from Stitched together had written about her take on the Antalya, I decided to go for a real size 8 and even added 2.5 inches to the skirt hems. And that was a great idea. The fit is perfect and it will allow for a bit of growth, so hopefully she will be able to wear it next spring.

I love piping and was really happy to be able to use that pink one on that dress:

Olga from Kid Approved has created a really gorgeous pattern. And although it may look scary  to sew with its round seams and exposed zipper, it really is not. I found it very easy and well explained and everything falls into place perfectly with no effort at all!
It is really the perfect project I needed to get back into sewing after my hiatus.

SO here is to a nice summer! I am planning to enjoy these two as much as I can and thank God as much as I can for their laughters, their happy games and sweet "I love you's" as well as for the patience they are teaching me when they argue!

4 commentaires:

  1. Hi! This dress is just so beautiful! And your daughter is a Lucky beautiful girl. XXX Sophie (a french one...)

    1. Bonjour Sophie merci pour ton commentaire ! Moi aussi je suis française mais j'écris mon blog en anglais parce que j'ai des lecteurs du monde entier !! Bonne journée

  2. Oh my! That dress is so pretty. It's perfect for your daughter!

  3. Such a beautiful dress for a beautiful girl! It sounds as though she's a terrific horse rider! She looks so happy in those pictures and so lovely in her dress <3


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