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samedi 25 avril 2015

Who does not like a grid?
I had fun with Hip Kit April Kits :  those chipboard frames were calling for a grid and lots of embellishments!

Quand on a un doute sur le design d'une page: la grille ça sauve toujours!!
quand j'ai ouvert le kit d'Avril de hip Kit Club et que j'ai vu ces cadres polaroids, je savais que je voudrais les utiliser en les embellissant.  C'est vraiment une technique qui me plait: j'aime les détails, les superpositions d’embellissements, les jeux sur les couleurs.


So I chose a bunch of pink/ yellow/ aqua and just played around, layering and stitching. 

  I like craft with yellow and pink: it makes them pop in a happy way.

It looks carefree but it took me a while to find a place for everything and to finally be happy with that layout. I guess I need a bit more time to find my confidence again!
I usually keep a notepad on which I draw sketches, and I also get inspired by my favorite scrapbookers. But I tend to over think the deisngs of my page, always searching for something new to make! maybe I should just relax!!!

Are you struggling with page designs? How does it work for you? how do you get inspired?

4 commentaires:

  1. beautiful layout! love the colors and the grid!!

  2. So lovely. She'll be a beauty:)
    I usually use sketches, for most of my pages. It helps a lot, I spend too much time selecting one perfect embellishment, I can't spend another hour selecting a design, lol. Grid is one of the classic designs, but there are so many ways to use it.

  3. LOVE your scrap book style. You MUST do more.

  4. LOVE this--LOVE grids--WAY beautiful page!!


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