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samedi 4 avril 2015

 It is spring, well, it is supposed to be spring!
But it feels like winter and we are still wearing heavy jackets and boots and having lots of indoors activities.It means more time inside for me too, so I got to indulge in some scrapbooking last week!

Voici une nouvelle page, créée la semaine dernière, je me suis amusée avec des papiers Basic GRey, un transparent et une carte Crate Paper et des nouveauté de chez Teresa Collins.

This layout documents my boy's " right now"s!
# Even though we tried to avoid the Pokemon fever as long as we could, sadly school did the job and now he is kind of obsessed by these silly monsters!
# He still loves his bedtime stories but he is getting more and more independant. 
# He now knows how to tie his shoelaces, and has started to read words in capital letters. He is so eager to learn anything, really. 

For this layout, again, I dig in my stash and played with some Basic Grey papers, some Crate Paper vellum and tags and some newer Teresa Collins cutouts .

I swear the photo really does not do justice to the layout that is much more cute in person!

Tomorrow my Blandine is getting baptised. I am so excited for her. It shall be the start of  a great adventure!
Have yourself a beautiful and peaceful Easter week-end.

4 commentaires:

  1. I think it's great to have little things documented. SO you can look in 5 or 50 years and remember it)
    ps. Here we have ... let me count it.. 64th February, so I totally understand you. Sooo waiting for spring.

  2. I love it! Everything here flows beautifully.


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