{ A baptism and a neon skirt }

lundi 6 avril 2015

A baptism and a neon skirt might not have a lot in common, unless the skirt was made to be worn on the day of the said baptism!

This skirt is probably one of my favorite garments ever. I love the fabric, I love the pattern and I love to wear it!!
The fabric is some jacquard (no idea how to translate that word:) that came from Little fabrics. It is neon coral on nude background!
The pattern is my beloved Pleated Pencil Skirt by Delia Creates. I made a wearale muslin and this new version has got an even better fit.

 I wore it with a blouse I bought from a sweet local shop: I love that navy-indigo color and the softness of the blouse.

My girl took the photos on Easter monday: it was freezing cold and crazy windy again! then we decided to have some fun photos together. She is such a crazy silly, just like her maman!!

Easter was also the day of her baptism. It was such a marvelous day: my mum and sister were here with us, and my children had almost all their cousins to play with.  Blandine wore a huge smile on her face all day long!

 After the church service, we had dinner in a restaurant high in the mountains. It even snowed at one point! food was delicious beyond words.

 Then we had some quiet and good family time back home : cousins and grand-ma playing together with what they had found in their Easter eggs:

As you can see on the table, Blandine got her first real grow-up Bible for her baptism. She started reading it this morning. I am hoping she will stick to this habit of reading the Word of God as often as possible. 

 I will never forget the moment the water was poured on her. She is now filled with the light of Jesus. And I hope she will also be the light of Jesus, I hope she will shine in her life and help people benefit from her light.  It was so amazing that she was baptised on Easter day, the resurrection of Christ and her being born to a new life  celebrated on the same day:so powerfully moving.

I don't have many photos from the day: it was way too cold outside for a family photo, and inside the church I was beside Blandine. My dear sister took the photos and, well, let's say she is not used to big cameras!! still I will hold these blurry shots dear for a very long time!!

7 commentaires:

  1. Aw what a happy and sacred day with a gorgeous skirt perfect for the occasion. So happy for you all!

  2. Beautiful skirt and beautiful girl! It is such a joy to see the children baptized!

  3. Beautiful skirt and beautiful girl! It is such a joy to see the children baptized!

  4. Love this skirt! I really need to get the pattern. Every version I see is perfect! Congratulations to your daughter.

  5. Perfect skirt! Great fabric.

  6. I don't know why, but I didn't get noticed of all your recent blog posts! This one is so moving. I love how your daughter smiles, your skirt is super beautiful and the pics of you and Blandine are so much fun! It must have been a very special day and I'm really happy for you!


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