{ Thursday soulmate stitching : the washi dress }

jeudi 2 avril 2015

Today my friend Annika from Näh-connection and I are both posting our take on the Washi dress pattern by Made by Rae
If you follow me on Instagram you might have seen this already, so I apologize for the fact that I am not showing anything new!!

Aujourd'hui mon amie Annika et moi postons notre version du patron de la robe Washi de Made by Rae. Pour ma part, je me suis contentée de la version top, pour être sûre que le patron taille bien et c'est tout à fait le cas!! 

Let's just start by saying I love this pattern and I am planning to make the full dress version ...well, as soon as I can !! 
Because my friend Annika was having issues with the fit, I thought it would be wiser to start with the blouse version myself. But I had no issues at all with the fit. I guess I am just lucky that I am just one size all over!!:)

The fit is great and the neckline is slightly cheeky!
I love the pleats and the cute sleeves.

There is shirring in the back and it provides a great fit too! I love shirring, it is so easy to make. I did wind up the elastic thread on my machine this time, not by hand, and it worked really well. As long as you wind it really slow, it works perfectly well.

Fabric is Cotton&Steel from last year. Totally gorgeous and soft ! love it! because the blouse is not lined I prefered a darker colored fabric.

I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to our Easter break in ten days. I am craving some real long sewing and scrapbooking time!
and ...... I am also going to Paris at the end of April to meet some pretty cool girls!! more on that soon!

Thank you for looking and thank you for your kind words on my return to scrapbooking! your comments mean so much to me!!

Merci pour votre visite et pour vos commentaires encourageants lors de mon retour au scrap!! vos commentaires me réchauffent toujours le coeur! MERCI!!

4 commentaires:

  1. My sweet and beautiful friend! You are just so pretty in that blouse. I love how your trousers are exactly the same color as is in the tunic fabric. Really suits you well. Can't wait to hug you super tight, too. And to laugh and talk and be crazy for you. I'm so excited for our time in Paris!!!

  2. Very pretty and lovely for Spring! I got a peek at one of my friends' patterns from Rae and I've been hoping to try one soon.

  3. Oh what a great fit on you!! It looks fantastic. The washi seems to fit my body perfectly too; you've inspired me to make another soon (hopefully)!


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