{ A black and white log cabin quilt}

dimanche 27 novembre 2016

When I first saw the new fabric line by Gingiber for Moda , I fell in love! those animal prints are just so whimsical and cute if you ask me!:)
I actually wanted to make a new quilt for my son to snuggle in this winter, and this line was perfect for him. I then ordered the october  Quilterscandy box which featured a Junior jelly roll of the line, and many other cute and useful items (the most useful of them was surely the giant black and white cookie!! yumm!)
I added some black and white prints from my own stash, like the floral and some gorgeous Caroline Friedlander crosshatch in white which actually looks weird on my photos but looks really cool in person!

 After some doing some thinking over this quilt and farbics, I decided to go for a wild and free logcabin design.

My boy wanted his quilt to be backed with warm faux fur. 
I thought I could quilt the top on cotton batting first with straight lines around the blocks and then I thought that I would be able to add some hand quitling on the 3 layers. But the slippery, stretchy faux fur made it impossible for me to handquilt without having lots and lots of puckers everywhere. 

So I opted for some knots tied to every block angles with DMC cotton perlé black thread and I like it like that, even though I am usually more of a dense quilting kind of quilter!

 Turns out this black and white is not so easy to photograph, especially in the winter light!

My girl helped me to take some shots and happily wrapped herself into this heavy and warm quilt !
These shots are my favorite , of course! because a quilt is always made to be held, snuggled in and used ! 

This one is staying home with us!
Much love from our home to yours!

5 commentaires:

  1. il est magnifique! et doublé de fourrure, ton fils ne va pas le quitter de l'hiver!

  2. Je prends enfin le temps de me balader sur tous les blogs du Bee. J'aime beaucoup le quilt pour ta maman et celui pour ton fils est aussi superbe! J'ai quelques uns de ces tissus, comment ne pas craquer! Tu en as fait un très chouette quilt :-)

  3. La chouette est fabuleuse! j'aime beaucoup l'effet décalé de ton assemblage, c'est magnifique!


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