A Propeller Quilt in Nightfall

mercredi 16 novembre 2016

Honestly, circles and curves have always scared me to death!:) ( I am talking about sewing here!:)
I would immediatly skip the page of the magazine, or the pattern on Pinterest if it had curved seams. But, as soon as I saw Suzy quilts' pattern the Propeller quilt, I fell in love with its modern look. I thought it would be just perfect to show off some of my favorite prints from the Nightfall collection by Maureen Cracknell. 
I highly recommend this pattern, as it is very easy to follow and Suzy has a youtube video that walks you through some of the steps of the pattern. And actually, it is thanks to the video that I found the courage to tackle those curved seams. 

 J'ai toujours été effrayée par les coutures arrondies! trop peur! je passe! 
Mais lorsque j'ai vu le patron de la délicieuse Suzy Quilts je n'ai pas pu résister! 
Ce patron se nomme le Propeller Quilt et je suis ravie d'avoir tenté l'aventure! Honnêtement, je suis en amour avec ce nouveau petit quilt! Il serait parfait pour un petit enfant ou un bébé, mais je ne suis pas sûre de réussir à m'en séparer!:) quelle égoïste n'est-ce pas?!

 It all started like this.. curves,  my first ones. I was instantly hooked by the modern look! 
Even though I didn't find sewing these blocks easy, I still enjoyed the result! Yes sometimes you do have to step out of your comfort zone!
Actually in the video, Suzy recommends using a walking foot to sew these curves. And so I did, until I really got annoyed with my walking foot and decided to go back to my usual foot with the 1/4" seam allowance and it worked so much better. But it might just be my walking foot that plays silly!

So I am glad I took the risk with this pattern!  That's also what I did with the quilting on this baby quilt: it is a mixture of straight lines and free motion quilting. Now, I only had attempted free motion quilting once and I found my result less than perfect. But I decided taht, this time, I would be gentle with myself and give myself permission for imperfections. 
And yes, it is not perfect, but I love it like that. 
All these quilting lines provide a very soft touch to the quilt. Approved by mister Big Fat Cat!

 Je crois que la beauté de ces tissus contribue beaucoup à ma joie ! non, mais, vraiment! oh! ces lapins , ces chouettes adorables! et cette touche de moutarde associée au rose et au bleu foncé me ravie!
Oui ! vraiment, je crois que si je couds, c'est surtout pour pouvoir collecter, avoir sous les yeux, toucher de telles merveilles! j'ai et j'aurais toujours 5 ans en ce qui concerne les motifs de mes tissus!

  Pour le matelassage aussi j'ai pris des risques! j'ai utilisé un mélange de lignes droites et de "free motion quilting", une technique qui consiste à "dessiner" les lignes de coutures sur le tissu, sans pied d'entraînement. C'est assez difficile, et ce n'est que ma deuxième tentative. Mais j'avais décidé, dès le départ, d'être indulgente avec moi-même et de me pardonner les petites (grosses!) erreurs. 
le résultat n'est pas parfait mais il est satisfaisant pour moi et j'adore la texture que toutes ces lignes donnent  cette pièce.

 The fabric is Nightfall and I am so smitten with the owls, moons and cute rabbits! honestly I am 5 years old again when I get to play with fabric that pretty!


 For the binding I used some Carolyn Friedlander fabric: it is actually one of her first collections: called Botanics. 
I bought all the fabric form my beloved Hawthorne Threads online shop. 

 For the backing I used that dragon fly fabric that I had bought ages ago: it is called Helen's Garden by Tamara Kate, for Mickael Miller and I believe the print is called "Garden dancers".

 I know.... it's a lot of photos for such a small quilt ! but hey! the amount of photos depends on the love the quilt gets! and this one is loved a LOT in our home!
So much so that I find it hard to give it away as I intended to in the first place!:) Shame on me!
Do you have a hard time giving  the fruit of your loving labor away??

Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Sophie it's stunning! This is exactly the kind of project that makes me want to make a quilt, and I think my daughter would never let it be given away too.
    Beautiful, beautiful work.


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