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mercredi 10 décembre 2014

Today I turned 37!
Yes I did! I have always loved celebrating my birthdays.
 I love getting older because I hated being young and unhappy.
With every year come new joys and a better understanding of my purpose here.
I love this life, my life, even when I don't like it!!

Aujourd'hui j'ai eu 37 ans. Et oui!!
J'ai toujours aimé fêter mes anniversaires, et vieillir, vieillir: j'adore! Si!
D'abord parce que je détestais être jeune et souvent malheureuse. 
Avec chaque année, je découvre de nouvelles joies et une meilleure façon de faire cette vie. 
J'aime cette vie, j'aime ma vie, même les jours où je ne l'aime pas bien! 

Today went well and simply, as usual!
We went to the park with a friend and her kids.
I cooked, marked students papers and then had a 4 o' clock party tea at another friend's house.

Cette journée s'est déroulée simplement, mais joliment.

And I sewed!! and finished Maxence's Winter PJs in this fabric I luuuuuuurve!!
 J'ai même trouvé un peu de temps pour coudre et pour finir ce pyjama pour mon Maxence, dans ce tissu que j'aimeueueux!

So we had our little photo session and it was a gorgeous moment to share with him, my sweet baby boy.

Nous avons fait cette petite séance photo, un des meilleurs moments de ma journée, un moment exquis avec mon adorable boy. Je trouve tellement de joie dans sa gentillesse et sa bonne humeur.

I delight in him and his kindness and his playfulness. He makes me feel good about myself and my mothering!

I used this pattern by Peek-a-Boo: Winter PJs.

J'ai utilisé ce patron par Peek-a-Boo et ce tissu trouvé chez Motif Personnel. 

I cut in 5 for my 5 years old tall and slim boy and it fits perfectly.

I finally found a shop in France that sells some gorgeous knits, including that fun one.

And so guys, that was me today in the cold and muddy park with my 2 favorite people!! AT 37!!! Life is good and I intend to savor every bit of it with great intentionality.
"Life is our only dessert" says Ann Voskamp, "too brief, too sweet, too delectable to hurry".

Alors les amies, ça c'est moi, ce matin, dans le froid et la boue, au parc, avec 2 de mes personnes préférées!! Vive mes 37 ans!!:) 

13 commentaires:

  1. Happy birthday!
    I love the PJs, they look so comfie...

    1. thank you!! yes the boy loves them! and , you know," Mama made them", so ...

  2. Coucou, tes enfants sont adorables, tes photos toujours magnifiques ! Le pyjama est troooop beau, bravo ! Je te souhaite un bon anniversaire - nous sommes du même signe zodiacal ! Bise bise

    1. Merci Françoise:) les sagittaires sont souvent des créatives:) beaucoup de mes amies couturières et scrappeuses le sont! bon anniversaire à toi aussi en avance ou en retard!!;) bizzz

  3. The pjs are so awesome and look so pro! The photo of him with his teddy bear is the sweetest! and you look amazing! i love your attitude. very inspiring! happy birthday, beauty!

    1. thank you Rachel. Yes I love that photo of him and his teddy too. I have to catch up on our family album, now I don't scrapbook daily anymore: I am late! But I try to keep a monthly album with some journalingg, for memory keeping. And this photo will be part of december for sure.

  4. Happy birthday Sophie!!! Life is what we make of it and it looks like you make very cute things. (and kids:)

    1. thank you! you are always so encouraging and inspiring. thank you for visiting. I wish you a great season!

  5. happy birthday! the PJs are adorable, and gosh, he is a very handsome kid. beautiful images.
    off to check out your fabric shop link. Do you know www.mamzellefourmi.com ? I've bought from there even with the shipping to Australia. Just another reason I'd love to live in France...

    1. oh!! I didn't know this shop!! sometimes foreigners know my woutnry better that I do!! thank you, I am off to check it out! and thank you for your kind words. Have a great christmas season!:)

  6. Those pajamas are absolutely adorable! Great job! And happy belated birthday. Sounds like it was a great day.

  7. Joyeux anniversaire Sophie! Je suis ravie de voir que tu es heureuse et que tu as fait de ta vie ce que tu voulais. En plus, il est mimi comme tout ton fils dans ce PJ!

  8. beautiful you are both inside and out! Happy birthday and Merry Christmas. I am glad you have some time off to sew (so therapeutic for we creative types). Blessings to you. (super cute PJs and kiddos by the way and find it fun that we both love taking pics of our work on our beds) :)



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