{ Christmas Winter PJs }

lundi 22 décembre 2014

 It's holidays time my friends!! I am on winter break since friday!
After a really long and busy end of term, I finally found my way back to my sewing machine! oh ! heaven on earth.
And I managed to finish Blandine's Winter PJ .

Rhooooooooo! les vacances c'est trop bon!
Après une longue séparation, j'ai enfin retrouvé le chemin de ma machine!  et j'ai réussi à finir, à temps pour le matin de Noël, le pyjama d'hiver de Blandine. 

 I didn't have enough of the main Lillestoff fabric so I used some red sweatshirt fabric for the pants and it is even better because it is so cosy and warm.
She does not want to take them off!

Je n'avais pas assez de ce tissu de chez Lillestoff, acheté chez Motif Personnel. 
J'ai donc utilisé du molleton rouge pour le bas et c'est encore mieux comme ça! La petite voudrait passer ses journées dedans!
 For the top I used the Hemlock pattern without the flutter sleeves.
It was more convenient than having to print, tape and cut the actual Winter PJs pattern in her size.
I was sure that the Hemlock top was the perfect fit for her.
For the pants I used the Winter PJ pattern, but I had to add 2 inches to the width of the pants cuffs.

Pour le haut j'ai utilisé le patron du Hemlock top: déjà coupé, très bien taillé = gain de temps!! (ce sont les vacances, d'accord mais bon..pas de temps à perdre en broutilles!!)

 She would like to behave like  a big girl now and wants to take part in our adults conversations... but look at this belly! how cute!! still a baby in fact!

 What she loves about this top are the cute characters! the white bunny and cute clouds. It is like story telling PJs! She always makes up stories, like all the time, even when she showers, I can hear her tell stories! even a piece of clothing is a good reason to make up stories!

We are counting the hours the days before Christmas.
I am trying to have the kids focus on the real meaning of Christmas, which I will soon write about!
But it is not easy, in a time when the presents you receive are more important than the ones you give.
We are trying to raise generous and grateful kids: ambitious we are!!!

Les enfants comptent les minutes les jours avant Noël. 
J'essaie de les recentrer sur la vraie signification de Noël. Mais ce n'est pas toujours facile, surtout quand le monde qui nous entoure donne plus d'importance aux cadeaux que l'on reçoit plutôt qu'à ceux qu'on donne. J'essaie d’élever mes enfants pour qu'ils deviennent généreux et reconnaissants: plan très ambitieux!!

I wish you the best Christmas: I hope you will be surrounded by family, love and warmth. 

3 commentaires:

  1. oh my goodness, Sophie, I love it! Blandine has such a magnetic personality! And her eyes are amazing! It was meant to be that you ran out of that fabric! I love the way you put this together! her belly is so, so precious and oh yes, we having listening ears around here, too. Dan and I have talked about how you don't really realize how lucky you are when the kids are young and don't understand what you are saying. now we have to be very very careful - and always aware that the kids are watching and absorbing even (mostly?) when we aren't addressing them specifically.

  2. Mais quelle ravissante enfant ! Ce pyjama est adorable en plus, je comprends qu'elle ne veuille plus le quitter. Mais je rejoins Rachel : il faut surveiller nos paroles, parce que non seulement les oreilles traînent, mais en plus elles ne comprennent pas tout et un quiproquo est si vite arrivé... Joyeux Noël !


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