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lundi 3 novembre 2014

It is funny how I feel that all things are falling into place right now.
Everywhere I turn, whatever I read leads me to dig deeper in my relationship with God.

When I was a scrapbooker I got to know Shanna Noel's work and blog. 
After I decided to give scrapbooking a break, I kept on reading her blog along with a few others.

She is a very talented lady but she is also a very inspirational lady in terms of faith.
She now hosts this series on her blog called "Faith illustrated" and has created a Facebook group I joined three month ago. 

This group is amazing. Women from all over the world share their process of relating to the Word in many creative ways.
They journal in their Bible and have a real relationship with the Word, in their own way, using their creativity to build their relationship. 
When I found the group, I was struck.
Could it be that God had  me develop my creative gifts just so that I would one day find this group and use my creativity to praise Him and get closer to Him?
This sounds insane but it could be true.

I have always been a note taker and that idea of journaling in my Bible using my scrapbook supplies really appealed to me.

I have created a little set of supplies I thought would be handy and quick to get to (which is not an easy thing, considering the mess on my table and the amount of scrapbooking supplies I own!!) and I started on this new journey.

I got a English SV journaling Bible from Amazon.
Funny, I know, how God seems to always speaks to me in English. Ever since I started this journey everything I read, every sermon I heard that truly touched me was in english. 
I even pray in English most of the time and I memorize many verses in english. 
I guess that's God's language for me!

So , when I have this extra time and this great need of spending some special time with God, I pull out some supplies and dig deep into the Word and what it means to me.

I am using notes I take when I listen to semons, mainly online here or here
As I read the Scripture I let it nourish my creativity.  
I always say that scrapbooking or sewing, creating, it is like "meditation in action". And it is .
 It pleases me and makes my soul sing!  And when I create I am in a state of abandonment, a kind of true worship. It is my way of praising God.

The 2 pages I am showing here are centered on the same topic: perspective. 
Faith is not a matter of seeing but of trusting and a way of experiencing life. When I walk in faith I deliberatly CHOOSE to see God's face in my everyday life and I seek His perspective rather than mine. 
See, He writes the story, but I get to choose how I experience this story. 

This shift of perspective is essential if you are seeking JOY. 
It is a daily task I assign to myself, a daily fight to let go of my perspective and to embrace each experience as a gift. 

Are you a note taker? Would you dare to write in your Bible?
I am sending you much love!

6 commentaires:

  1. What an inspiring way to read the bible. Though it wouldn't be the right thing for me. I do take notes, but NEVER right in the books. Whether it's a novel, a science book, a classic or the bible. I just can't write in the book....

    1. Yes I have always written in my books, even when I was young! I can't help it; for me it is like having a dialogue with the author! have a great week

  2. Wonderful post. Thank you for sharing what's in your heart.

  3. Such a beautiful and sincere post, Sophie. I really enjoy reading the Bible using apps on my phone - so convenient. I read the NLT (new living translation) because it is a thought-for-thought translation so it is very readable. I study in the ESV translation, which I don't find very readable, but it is a word-for-word translation, so maybe a little more technically accurate. I also have their study bible app, which is (mostly) great.
    My older kids and I are currently memorizing Hebrews 11-Hebrews 12:3. I think we are on verses 23-26 this week. It's been hard, but also super inspiring!:)
    My husband and I also like to listen to Imago Dei messages! Oh and I just discovered these videos this weekend. http://www.jointhebibleproject.com/ If you scroll down you will see their videos. We are working through them as a family. They also have study guides and they're really good. I think you will like them. :)
    Big hugs, Sophie!

  4. I love this idea. I'm not much of a scrapbooker, but I love to write out verses in fancy lettering. Sometimes I make digital designs with my ink drawings too. Last week I made a tea towel calendar for the Spoonflower contest. (http://www.spoonflower.com/designs/3638036) I was reading the Psalms and a phrase popped out at me. I started doodling it and ended up making it into something pretty to hang in my kitchen all year! I love that God uses creative gifts in us to bring glory to himself :)


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