mercredi 5 novembre 2014

I am getting into this jersey thing!
Thanks to stretch needles and lightning stitches. Yes!

But using some great quality jersey helps too: this one is by Lillstoff and it is gorgeous: thick enough to be easy to sew, soft and I love the bright colors. I don't think I would want to sew with any other kind of jersey! I was inspired to get some by my sweet friend Annika from Näh-Connection who made this amazing top recently. 

I got mine from Kitschy Coo which is based in the UK and I could not believe how fast the parcel arrived in my french home!
 My boy chose the print himself because he loves all animals and especially anything related to Africa.

Bon, je crois que je prends goût au jersey!
et oui! Vives les aiguillles strech et le point spécial jersey!
Et vive aussi les tissus magnifiques de la marque Lillstoff de chez Kitschy Coo, parce qu'ils facilitent vraiment le travail.  Cette boutique est basée en Angleterre mais  ma commande est arrivée ici en un temps record!
Ceux-ci ont été choisis par mon petit qui adore tout ce qui rugit!

So I made a Recess Raglan tee , a pattern by See Kate Sew.

As ever her pattern is easy to follow and for this top the longest part is really the cutting of the fabric. The remaining is just a breeze and so easy too. 

My boy is five, he is quite thin (chest 22") so I cut a 5 for the main parts,  but he is tall, so I added about 2 " on the sleeves and I think the fit is perfect. Kate included the line along which to cut and add length on her pattern. 

J'ai opté pour un patron basique mais très bien fait et hyper rapide à coudre. 
Un vrai plaisir: le Recess Raglan de See kate sew
J'ai coupé en 5 ans pour mon boy de 5 ans qui est plutôt fin mais j'ai rajouté 5 cm de manches rapport à sa taille un peu haute!!:)

I really wanted this top to be finished this morning as he was having his hair cut. I woke up earlier to finish it and press it well ! He was happily surprised when he arrived in my studio in his pajamas.

Je voulais finir ce top pour qu'il l'ait en allant chez le coiffeur. 
Je me suis donc levée un peu plus tôt ce matin pour le finir et pour le surprendre au réveil. 

He was so proud of his "boy tee" as he called it , he stopped almost every person on the street to show them!!
After he had his hair cut, we stopped by the town hall to take some photos. 
Doesn't he look so grown up on these! could you believe he is only 5??

Il était si fier en sortant de chez le coiffeur qu'il arrêtait tous les passants dans la rue pour leur montrer son "tee shirt de garçon".
Et puis on s'est arrêté sur les marches de l'hôtel de ville pour prendre quelques photos.
Really this boy has my heart.
You can see the kindness in his eyes.
He is such an easy child, such a generous heart. He has a smile on his face from morning to evening.

It makes my heart hurt with love to think he is growing so fast he already has a wobbly tooth.

Anyway , this pattern is a must have and I would recommend it to anyone and specifically to beginners who are afraid of knits. 
It is a fast project. Just what I need right now.
And really if it makes your child as happy as it made mine, it is worth trying it !!

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  1. Such a handsome little (or rather not so little) boy. I can't wait to meet him! And when we do, make sure he wears this super cool t-shirt. It looks so good in it. The colours are amazing. And I'm sorry (not sorry) that I totally spoiled you with the lillestoff jersey. It's pretty much impossible to go back to other stuff once you have worked with this one, right?

    1. ahah! yes I am addicted now! this is going to cost me a fortune!! I will send you the bill: it is all your fault! hugs!

  2. This is my favorite kind of little boy sewing. No doubt he will wear it a ton, its so easy and cozy (and of course cute)!

  3. Your children are so beautiful! Love this raglan top, I buy this style for my husband all the time, I never thought about making one myself. Your sewing and photography skills are sooo good!

    1. Thank you Patty! my photography skills have nothing to do with these photos: it is all on my boy!! he is so beautiful!!:) I have seen people making these tees for girls : the pattern has different sleeves versions and I think some would be perfect for your little Emma!

  4. Coucou, quel beau modèle ! Il est peut être fier, son tee shirt et sa coupe sont parfaits ! belle journée et bisette du matin

  5. Welcome to jersey addiction land! You're right, getting hooked on lillestoff is like going straight to the top shelf. good on you! it's a great top and he is a handsome fella.


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