{ OUR HALLOWEEN / Un halloween médiéval }

samedi 1 novembre 2014

 Halloween has come and gone. 
It is not really big in France, as it is not anchored in our traditions. 
But in our home, we would take any chance to have fun and dress up!
My kids usually go with me when I run errands, dressed as princess and zebra!

Now, I am not the kind of mum who would dress her kid up to look really scary. 
I believe kids must stay cute!)
So we just had a beautiful witch and a playful skeleton this year and it was enough!

In town there was not much to do .
We went for a little" trick- or-treat" yesterday and some people were happy to give us some sweets.
But we heard that a there was a Halloween party hosted this week-end in a medieval casttle not far from home.

Ça y est! Halloween est passé! Évidemment, ce n'est pas vraiment une tradition française. 
Mais, chez nous, nous saisissons toutes les occasions de nous amuser et les enfants adorent se déguiser. Ils m'accompagnent souvent aux courses déguisés en princesse et en tigre. Et ça ne me dérange pas! Ce sont des enfants après tout!
Nous avons fait notre petit tour en ville hier soir, et au son de "les bonbons ou la vie" certaines personnes nous ont gracieusement offerts des bonbons.
Et puis nous avions entendu dire qu'une petite fête était organisée ce week-end dans une château médiéval proche de chez nous!

So we wen.

This castle was built in the 11 th century and it was fun to search for skeletons and pumpkins while visiting the prison cells and the garden of this ancient place.

Alors nous voilà partis avec notre sorcière et notre mignon squelette, et on s'est bien amusés à explorer les donjons du château et ses beaux jardins.

The kids even got to make potions in a small chamber: it is funny how my boy really truly believes his potion would work and turn him into a knight!

Les enfants ont même pris un cours de potion magique, façon Harry Potter. 
Une potion qui transforme en princesse et une qui assure de bonnes notes? Qui peut résister!
 The view was breathtaking and the weather glorious!
I feel so blessed to live in such a beautiful area: we could even see the Mont Blanc from the terrasse!

Du haut des terrasses on pouvait voir le conteur et son public, le Mont Blanc (rien que ça!!) et une vue à couper le souffle: des vignes magnifiques et les Alpes qui baignaient dans la lumière d’automne.
 Down in the garden the kids listened to the story teller:

We went back home with sweets and chocolate and happy children who kept on repeating how happy they were to have spent such a good afternoon!
Yes to grateful kids!

Nous sommes rentrés avec des bonbons, des chocolats et des enfants heureux! 
Que demander de plus! 
Alors moi je dis : longue vie à Halloween!

Our Fall break is coming to an end. 
I enjoyed my children, I indulged in cuddles and hugs. I took it slow and the kids were so easy. I was very intentional about saying yes as much as I could and surrender my time to them.
It was fabulous, just what I needed.
Thank you for visiting!
I hope you enjoy your week-end!

8 commentaires:

  1. Wow! I would have loved to have visited that castle. Cute costumes! :)

  2. Coucou, les enfants sont au top dans leur costume. Tu habites un superbe endroit, extra la visite du château. Bon dimanche

  3. I really like your blog. I think it's very interesting. Congratulations

    1. thank you for your visit Issabela! I visited your bkog too and I love the trousers you made for your child!:=)

  4. It sounds dreamy, Sophie! The potions? That beautiful location and a story? Oh! My kids and I would've loved that. I must go to France one day:) Have a great week!

    1. Yes come!! I so would like to meet one of my blogging friends for real!!:) Yes the kids and us had so much fun! They could not stop saying how happy they were to have spent such a great afternoon!:) hope you are well.

  5. What a lovely Halloween! So wish I could have been there!!

  6. Oh how I wish I could take my kids to a real castle for Halloween! I let my kids wear whatever (within reason) they want. I'll never forget taking my 2 year old daughter to a furniture store to buy a sofa set and she was dressed in a zippered head to toe cat costume. It was January!


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