{ OH! LOOK! I MADE A DRESS!!! a Sunki dress // oh wow! une robe! }

jeudi 16 octobre 2014

Oh look I made a dress !! can I have some applause please?!!!
I am so glad I managed to make this Sunki I had in mind for ages! 

Oh regardez: j'ai fait une robe! yay! allez quelques applaudissments , please!!
Oui j'ai enfin réalisé ce joli patron de la robe Sunki par Figgy's.

Step by step, using some small portions of my time I made it!
I made it out of the softest flannel by Robert Kaufman I got from Hawthorne Threads. 

Petit à petit, en utilisant des petites portions de mon (encore plus petit) temps libre.
J'ai utilisé une flanelle toute douce de Robert Kaufman achetée chez Hawthorne Threads.  

I love the soft neckline of this very cool dress as well as the very beautiful sleeve caps.

J'adore la douceur du col de cette robe, ainsi que les jolies emmanchures, plissées. 
At first I was really afraid about the construction of the dress but is turned out to be very straight forward. I think if you have made some dresses before, this pattern should not be a problem for you.
However Irene from the gorgeous blog Froo & Boo gives some helpful links if you are lost.
Au début je me faisais un peu de soucis pour le montage des poches. Mais il n'y a pas besoin de s'inquiéter! Si vous avez déjà cousu quelques robes, ce sera un jeu d'enfant. 
Sinon:  L'adorable Irene de Froo & Boo propose des liens qui pourront vous aider.

 I added a "normal" zipper in the back, as advised in the pattern. I did not have time to try and sew an invisible zipper.BUt it looks good anyway like that and we love this dress here.
It felt so good to be able to hang this dress on my girl's door so she could find it in the morning when she woke up.
I can't get enough of her screaming out of pure delight when she discovers what I have just made for her!! Pure joy, I am telling you!

This Sunki is perfect for the autumnal weather that has arrived here. The dress is warm and soft, just like my girl's face!:)

I had a harsh week: my computer was down for 10 days, I worked really hard this last 2 weeks. 
But today , as I came back home I found the most wonderful surprise in my post box. I will tell you more about that great surpise next week. 
talk to you son!:)

9 commentaires:

  1. Bravo! I love the Sunki. And you found the perfect tights to color coordinate with the dress :)

  2. Très jolie! I've had this pattern for a while but haven't made it yet, you might have inspired me!

  3. Your sunki dress is so lovely on your daughter! Flannel is the perfect fabric for the season--I love how it almost looks like a woolen tweed. Thanks for the shout-out!

  4. Applaudissement et une petite révérence en plus si tu veux, elle est nickel... j'attendais la photo avec les mains dans les poches (je suis incorrigible) ;-) !

  5. Gorgeous! So glad you got a tiny bit of creative time


  6. Oh Sophie, I've been meaning to comment on this since you published it. It is exquisite! A true work of art!

  7. Coucou, ta petite fille est adorable, la robe lui va à ravir. Bravo pour cette belle confection. Belle journée et bisette du jour

  8. Bon me voilà à nouveau connecté après des semaines sans internet et je m'empresse d'aller lire ton blog. Quel joie de voir cette magnifique robe! Félicitations!!!! Une merveille!


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