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vendredi 3 octobre 2014

To say I am swept in the current of time, and tasks and work to do is an understatement .
After an ultimate change of my timetable , I am now down to 45 minutes of time alone at home without the kids IN THE WHOLE WEEK!!!!!
What am I supposed to do with 45 minutes??
oh well.. last week I managed to sew 4 sweet coasters for a friend's birthday:

Dire que je suis prise dans le courant, dans le flot du temps, est un euphémisme!!
Après un dernier changement d'emploi du temps au collège, il ne me reste maintenant plus que 45 minutes dans la semaine, seule sans les enfants! 45 MINUTES!!! arghhhhhhhh!
qu'est-ce qu'on peut faire en 45 minutes?? du ménage? du linge!!? SOS!

La semaine dernière, pendant ces 45 minutes, je me suis assise devant ma machine et j'ai cousu ces petites sous-tasses pour l'anniversaire d'une amie.
 I used Patty Sloniger awesome new collection: Emma's Garden, available here.

 Just 4 small quilted coasters....
But, guess what! it made me SO happy to be able to sit in front of my machine and just enjoy a small project!

Juste 4 petites sous-tasses.. mais comme j'étais contente d'avoir réussi à coudre quelque chose du début à la fin!!
J'ai ajouté une petite carte cadeau pour mon amie, et enveloppé le tout dans un beau ruban. 

 I added a gift card for a local clothes shop for my friend and wrapped it in ribbon.

I have many more sewing projects , but try to keep them small and manageable!:)
- I love this month's pattern member patterns over at the sewing Rabbit and I have aready printed and prepared the Dolmen dress pattern.
- I am also ready to sew a back pack for my boy, just waiting for some supplies to arrive in the post.
- For my girl, my Sunki dress pattern is also ready; I ordered some gorgeous Flannel from Hawthorne Threads. 
Bien sûr j'ai d'autres projets en cours. De petits projets, réalistes, et réalisables! Une robe pour ma fille en flanelle, un sac pour mon petit et une robe oversize pour mon automne à moi!

Last week , we also enjoyed a beautiful sunday service, in this 11th century Abbey, perched high up in the Alps, facing Mont Blanc, the highest moutain in Europe!
Gorgeous in its simplicity. Just PER-FECT.
Did you see the cross in the sky?

In the midst of it all, in the midst of everyday routine of a working mum, in the midst of exhaustion and papers to mark and children to lead and look after, in the midst of household chores and home work to look to.... I feel so drawn to Jesus. I can feel His embrace, soothing me with a gentle touch, Him telling me that He knows, that he cares, that he sees me doing all these things and that they are my calling right now. 
At first I did fight this new schedule. I tried to hang on to my "me" time and I felt torn. 
But these past 2 weeks, I learnt to let go of this feeling and really tried to embrace this new schedule. 
If I cannot do anything else than teaching and caring for my family, I might just as well embrace the whole process and try my best at it. 
So I keep on trying to be the homemaker:
And as autumn is now upon us, I rejoice in its beauty, taking a bit of its beauty inside our home. 

15 commentaires:

  1. Love you. Beautiful post and i'm so glad that you're feeling better. Little 45 minute projects are a good idea...

  2. I Love your coaster and this great colours. How did you manage to make it in 45 min? I tried to make one and it took me one hour;-))) Have a great weekend, greetings Jacqueline

  3. Beautiful post! There's nothing like limited time to make you appreciate God's grace & peace. Your coasters are lovely and packaged so nicely! I could never put a mug of coffee on one of those beauties!

  4. 45 min, aïe !!! Je comprend la frustration !! Dans tous les cas, très jolis ces dessous de tasse !!! Je "Pin" l'idée !!

  5. Oh Sophie! I can relate to feeling stretched myself. But I learned after we adopted Tia that surrender is where it's at! Beautiful words in this post!

  6. Coucou, ouille ouille... je n'ai pas la recette pour allonger le temps, je pense que l'on doit le prendre tel qu'il arrive... En 45' tu as réalisé une petite merveille pour ton amie, c'est très joli. Bravo aussi pour les belles photos. Bisette du jour

  7. En tout cas même 45 minutes te suffisent à réaliser de magnifiques choses.Courage ma belle et profites bien de tes 45 min pour toi! And embrace your life, indeed!

  8. I do understand you completely, but it's true, we have to embrace life, to live it as it comes and do our best and take the most (It's only so hard to remember, sometimes...) Beautiful post, it inspired me.

    1. Thank you for your visit Sonia! I hope you have a great week-end. Sorry for the belated answer, so many comments went to my spam box.

  9. Such a good lesson. I need to remind myself more how lucky all my responsibilities are. What an amazing Abbey? You are lucky indeed.


  10. Sophie, I understand your happiness about small project) And these coasters are so so bright and happy!
    Lovely photos too.

  11. This is just such a beautiful post. Our church here is also celebrating the harvest. I ADORE the coasters you sewed for your very lucky friend. Praying for you to find time for yourself to create, it's so important. xo Karen

    1. thank you Karen. Yes this Abbey was so beautifully decorated. ANd thank you for your prayers.

  12. What you did with these coasters in just 45 minutes is amazing! It really does feel good to finish a project, no matter how small, especially when it is a gift for a friend. My mother was a teacher and I remember that she didn't stop working when she got home, her work continued until she either finished her paperwork/preparations or until she went to bed, usually the latter. Teachers are a special breed! :)

    1. Patty, thank you for sharing your Mum's story. It helps to know I am not alone! sorry for the belated answer; your comment had gone to spam! hugs


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