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lundi 11 août 2014

"Daddy!!? daddy??!! daddyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy??!!!"
that's what you could hear in our home this week-end! Daddy's home! oh yay!
Not so often ! so the kids go "Daddy crazy" !
so we have the "boys" moments, my 4 years old "pretending " to shave!

and the outdoor fun, climbing the mountains at the fort:

 Because, you know, with Daddy, noone is ever afraid, and he never let's you down..
 even when you fall in the emptiness:

 So yes: best Dad ever , if you ask me!:)
 As for myself, I did climb the mountains too, even with my twisted ankle.
And I keep up with the good "Harry Potter" birthday preparation: we now have an "Hedwidge" thanks to PattySloniger sweet pattern:

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  1. I LOVE those pics shaving and climbing with dad. It's a done deal: I'll have to come visit you one day. So want to see all those beautiful places in the French Alps and your garden with my own eyes.
    And the Harry Potter pics? Can I please be invited to the party? I'm sure he'll have a blast!

  2. Awww, it really is a little Harry Potter. He looks adorable. And of course, very fierce!

    And there is nothing like some special daddy-time, is there?

  3. What a great daddy! And the Harry Potter birthday prep looks amazing, love Hedwig!! Hope your ankle feels better soon :)

  4. you are a BRAVE mommy--what sweet pictures you captured of your adorable family!

  5. Coucou, faire comme papa c'est si amusant... les photos d'escalade me donnent le vertige hihi, tu n'as pas eu peur ? Merci pour ce beau partage, belle journée, bisette


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