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I am so glad to be part of Emma's Garden blog hop.
Today is my stop on the blog hop and I am really happy to share my projects with you!! 
I feel so lucky to have been invited by Patty Sloniger to take part in the launch of her new collection !

Emma's Garden collection is full of bright colors and gorgeous floral patterns as well as many prints that will be perfect for basics and backgrounds.

I would have loved to make garments with the prints I got,  but decided on a Library Tote and a Gem baby Quilt.

Bienvenue ! aujourd'hui j'ai la chance de participer au blog tour pour le lancelment de la nouvelle collection de Patty Sloniger pour Mickael Miller: Emma's Garden. 
Pour l'occasion , j'ai eu la chance de recevoir un lot de certains tissus de la collection avec lesquels j'ai  créé 2 pièces très différentes: un sac de bibliothèque et une couverture pour bébé. 

#The Tote is made out of flying geese units. It is lined and quilted and we LOVE it here in our home:

# The Gem quilt is a baby quilt:  I wanted to create a fun new unit: the gem.

Cette couverture m'a donné du fil à retordre et  a nécessité la contribution d'une partie de ma famille, en l’occurrence ma mère et ma sœur qui m'ont aidée à trouver la bonne taille et le bon design pour mes petits diamants!
I played with half-square triangles and placed them as follow for the big gem:

The back is a mixture of my favorite colors and prints... swoon:

For the binding I wanted to display the selvages , just to remember..

Today, I would like to give you a tutorial 
on how to sew the library Tote:

Finished size: approx:  15"(boxed bottom) x12.75 "

  • cut 2 square : 8" x 8" from main fabric (I used the white floral: big blooms in blush
  • cut 8 squares:  4 1/4" from second fabric (I cut 4 in each of 2 different colorways
  • 2 pieces of top of tote: 13.25" x2.5"
  • 2 pieces for bottom of tote : 13.25"x4"
  • Handles: I made the handles from the Cargo Duffle bag (see Noodlehead's pattern) , but you can make simple handles by cutting 2 long pieces 6"x27" from main fabric and the same from canvas to reinforce the handles
  • Lining: 2 rectangles : 13.25 " X 15.5 
  • use 1/4" allowance 
 Flying geese tutorial:
If you want to make 4 flying geese at once here is a step by step process:
  • cut 1 square : 8" x 8" from main fabric
  • cut 4 squares 4 1/4" from second fabric
 finished size (sewn)  of unit: 6.75"x3.75"

 Tutoriel de l'unité: "vol d'oie"
pour coudre 4 unités à la fois!!
note: je mesure toujours en pouces parce que j'ai appris à coudre sur les sites et livres américains: cependant je trouve que ce système permet de travailler avec des nombres entiers :
  • coupez 1 grand carré : ici 8 pouces (20.2) mais vous pouvez faire plus petit ou plus grand
  • coupez 4 petits carrés : la moitié de la longueur du grand carré + 1/4 de pouces (6mm): donc ici 4 1/4 de pouces 
  • quand elles sont cousues chacune de mes unités fait 6.5 pouces (16.5 cm)  par 3.75 pouces (9.5)
  • draw a line on small squares along the diagonal:
  • dessinez une ligne sur la diagonale de chaque petit carré à l'aide d'un stylo effaçable ou d'un crayon de papier 
  •  place 2 small squares right sides together on corners of 8" square , pin:
  • placez 2 petits carrés sur 2 angles du grand carré endroit contre endroit, et épinglez : les deux petits carrés se chevauchent:

  •  stitch 1/4 inch away on both sides of line:
  • coudre à 1/4 de pouces (6mm) de le ligne tracée, et de chaque côté de cette ligne
  • trim along the line to obtain 2 units:
  • coupez le long de la ligne pour obtenir 2 unités:
  •  you now have 2 units:
  •  press open towards small triangles:
  • repassez pour ouvrir en mettant les marges de coutures sous les petits triangles:
  •  place a 4 1/4 square right side together on  remaining corner of each unit, right sides together . Pin. Stitch on both sides of line/ use chain piecing to go faster:
  • placez sur chaque coin libre des 2 unités 1 des 2 petits carrés restant ; endroit contre endroit et coudre à 1/4 de pouces (6mm) de la ligne tracée sur la diagonale: le faire de chaque côté de la ligne:

  •  trim along the line:
  • coupez sur la ligne pour obtenir 2 "vols d'oies" pour chaque unité:
  •  you know have 4 flying geese!
  • vous avez donc réalisé 4 "vol d'oies " en 2 temps 3 mouvements!!bravo!
you can trim them: I used my ruler and placed the 45° line on one of the triangle sides and alinged the 1/4 inch line on top of the corner to make sure I had 1/4 inch left to sew units together:

Assembling exterior:
  • take  2 of these units and sew with 1/4 " seam on one short side.
  • press seams open 
  • each unit measures now: 3.75" x 13.25"
  • combine 3 of these units , always sewing with a 1/4" allowance:
  • sew long pieces of fabric for bottom and top of tote: then trim sides if necessary :
  • repeat for the other side of tote. 
  • Now you have two big pieces .
  • You can place each part on batting and canvas  and quilt along the sides of flying  geese.But this step is not necessary.
  • Sew together the 2 sides of the tote, using a 1/4" allowance, leaving the top open
  • to create the boxed bottom : draw a square on each bottom angle: mine measures 1,5"x1.5" 
  • then cut along the lines
  • and sew along raw edge, using a 1/4 " allowance making sure you match seams properly:
Assembling lining:
  • sew the  2 lining pieces together at the sides and bottom, leaving a 4" opening centered in the bottom seam ( mine are made of 2 different fabrics, including one red linen)
 Add handles and assemble exterior and lining:
  • take your handles pieces:  fold in half the long ways, and press.  
  • Open up, fold raw edges to the center crease you have just created and press
  • Fold in half again and press.
  •  Sew along the sides of the handles : I sewed 1.8" away from each side.
  • pin handles very precisely by centering them on top of the bag, right sides together: I placed outer part of handles 3" away from sides:
  • then place outer bag into the bag lining, right sides together, aligning seams as well as you can and upper raw edges. 
  • Sew upper edge seam of the bag to create the finished top edge. 
  • you can stitch back a few times on the handles, just to secure seams. 
  • turn bag inside out through bottom lining opening. then press. 

  •  Using ladder stitches, close the opening of lining bottom and you are done!!!!!!!
  • Enjoy this new library tote! 

Now onto the fun part:
I am giving away a fat quarter bundle of the prints used in my projects! 

Leave me a comment here (you have until the 20th) telling me what you would like to make with this bundle, and I will randomly choose a winner. 

Don't forget to pop over to all these stops in order to see what the talented ladies have done with Emma's Garden , to leave them some love and enter their giveaways! 

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Hope you'll join us, and don't forget to pop back to Patty's blog on  the last day for a Grand Finale giveaway!

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  1. Hello Sophie, I love your Gem baby quilt, perfect for a little girl! Anyway, if I was lucky enough to win this amazing bundle, I think I would sew dresses for my little ones. Thank you for this giveaway.

  2. quel joli travail...c'est magnifique, les tissus sont tous très beaux

  3. Thank you so much for the tutorial. I love making bags as presents as this would be a great one to try. I might make some cushions with the fabric or a bag too. x

  4. Love the bag! Would try it if I won the fabric.

  5. Oh Sophie, that quile and bag are super beautiful - and sooo much work. I never could do something like this. Patience totally isn't my biggest strength ;)
    Well, if I win, I will probably also sew some tote bags as my husband threw all our old ones (like the ones you can buy for your groceries right at the store) away some days ago when we had some disgusting beetles all over our place...

  6. Love both your makes, but I would make some tote bags for my friends.

  7. I'm making lap quilts to give as Christmas gifts and these fabrics would be beautiful for that! I have an aunt who would just love these colors and prints.

  8. I think I would make that gorgeous library tote if I won the bundle! Merci you for the wonderful tutorial and the great giveaway!

  9. The fabrics are sew beautiful, I would love to make a lap quilt for my mom.

  10. i would make a gorgeous floral and butterfly quilt to celebrate summer.

  11. I would love to make dresses for my girls. sarah@forrussia.org

  12. I love the bag and especially the handles with the two colors. They look beautiful.
    Emma's Garden is beautiful. So is your baby Gem Quilt.... Love them both!!!!

  13. Beautiful! I would love to make a top for myself with this line.

  14. I'd sew up a quilt for my daughter's room - maybe with a gem pattern I like so much on your quilt.

  15. you are seriously SO talented--LOVE this tutorial and bag!

    1. Diana! so good to read you! thank you for visiting even though it is not for scrapbooking! I am starting to miss scrapbookign though so I hope to find some time soon for a little project life! I hope you are fine!

  16. I would love to make kitchen napkins and table settings. Love the diamonds!

  17. I would make one of your tote bags. They looks so nice, I have always wanted a pieced tote.

  18. Your tote is inspiring. I would enjoy making one like that. Thank you for sharing your instructions!

  19. Your bag turned out very nice. Thanks for the tutorial.

  20. I would like to make a baby quilt and maybe some small bags too. Thank you for the tutorial and giveaway!

  21. Merci! Your bag is so pretty. I want to make a pillow out of these pretty flowers!

  22. I love how those flying geese turned out - will have to try that method. Both the bag and quilt are beautiful.

  23. Beautiful fabrics! Would make a lovely wall hanging or pillows for my living room. Thank you for the giveaway!

  24. Oooooh my!! I LOOOOVE the Tote! (thank you for the Tutorial!!) The Quilt is Amazing! Gorgeous! Think I neeeed to make the Tote (I am such a Tote "Addict"! lol) But maybe I'd pass on that & make a great Throw for our Family Room instead! Maybe...doooo LOVE Totes! giggle...

  25. So pretty! I think I would make some throw pillows! And I'll have to come back and visit now that I've found your blog so that I can practice my French while I practice my sewing!

  26. I might make a baby quilt, and maybe some throw pillows.

  27. I would make a quilt or some stuffed animals.

  28. I love your quilt - I'd love to make a baby quilt for Rosa!

  29. I think your tote is perfect! I've been afraid of flying geese, but I think with your tutorial I could sew them.

  30. Love the quilt and the tote. Thanks for the giveaway.

  31. your projects are so darling and I love patty's fabric, with all of the gorgeous purples! if i won the giveaway, i'd make a low volume background pixelated heart wallhanging for my sewing room!

    1. Thanks Amy! I love that idea of the pixelated heart! it has always been something I wanted to make!

  32. I'd make a tote bag with the fabric. I can never have too many totes. Would love to win.
    Judy at judyanncreations@comcast.net

  33. C'est très joli ! Les tissus sont magnifiques, avec de belles couleurs lumineuses.
    Merci pour le tuto ... je n'ai jamais appris le patchwork et grâce à des tutos comme le tien je peux progresser. J'aimerais bien refaire un sac de bibliothèque ...

  34. Beautiful fabric and beautiful work. Love your Gem baby Quilt. I would like to use the fabric to make a dress and matching purse for my one year old.

  35. I'm a sucker for a nice bag or apron. I also love making fat quarter pillowcase style dresses for girls in crisis.

  36. I would make a table runner for my kitchen. It needs some sprucing up!

  37. I'd make a table runner and place mats!

  38. I think I'd make some zippered bags.

    I think I'm not a no-reply, but just in case: jhunsberger (at) gmail (d0t) c0m

  39. I would love to make new kitchen items for my mother, this fabric is perfectly her! Thank you for the chance!

  40. I would definitely make some sort of bag!

  41. Coucou, tu es une vraie professionnelle... Les tissus sont très beaux et tes réalisations sont superbes. Tu prends le temps de bien expliquer, c'est fabuleux, on ne peut que te remercier infiniment, MERCIIII, belle journée et grosse bisette

  42. Beautiful quilt and tote! Thank you for the tutorial. I would make a a little dress for my newest granddaughter and maybe a small Wallhanging.

  43. I'm thinking maybe a patchwork skirt for my girls. Love those purples in the line. Thanks for the chance!

  44. I would love to make the gem quilt, and experiment with colors and sizes!
    asdrexler (at) gmail (dot) com

  45. Oh, such a beautiful fabric!!! so bright. And your tote is gorgeous.
    I don't sew, but my mom does and I would make her sew me a tote and a quilt. She promised))


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