dimanche 20 juillet 2014

Sundays are good: my husband is home, I can get some sewing done in the morning while he plays football with te kids.
Summer is now truly upon us: lots of play time, less Me time i.e. less sewing time. 
But in the evenings I manage to sew this pillow cover, my firts ever pillow cover.
Earlier this week , my dear friend Patty Sloniger, posted a photo of a quilt as you go block she was sewing, inspired by this tutorial. I was hooked! 

 I pulled out of my stash all the scraps from her collections that I had from a previous project and from a great envelop she sent me earlier this year. 
And I just had fun.

I also gifted myself with this Lisa Leonard necklace: a long time desire of mine!
I had it engraved on one side "All is grace" as a daily reminder of God's grace working in my life, and on the other side with my kids initials: m&b.

 I think it is important sometimes to treat yourself of something sweet and pretty. I don't do it very often, and as mother's we usually think about others first. It was great to wear it this week !

What are your favorite treats to yourself?? Do you treat yourself sometimes?? 
I wish you a great sunday

3 commentaires:

  1. Super sympa ta housse de coussin! Et oui tu as bien raison, il faut parfois se faire plaisir:) Je suis encore une toute jeune maman (tout juste un an) donc ultra focalisée sur mes petites puces mais j'espère qu'avec le temps je retrouverais un peu de sérénité et d'envie de me faire plaisir. Bien sûr j'adore ce que tu as fait gravé. Une de mes jumelles (numéro 2) s'appelle ainsi, en remerciement et reconnaissance de la chance que nous avons eu d'avoir ce petit être "bonus"

  2. Your pillow is wonderful! And the personalized necklace is lovely. I agree it's important to treat ourselves too once in a while, my favorite treat recently has been art or scrapbook classes online.

  3. Ta housse de coussin est superbe ! J'adore les couleurs que tu as choisi :)


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