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mardi 22 juillet 2014

 You know the feeling, when you have ordered fabric, and you know it is coming in the post any day...
Now this is how I felt and even more as I was waiting for the most beautiful fabrics to come, some I have pre-ordered for what felt like ages!
This package from Hawthorne Threads arrived this morning: and oh my.........

Je viens de recevoir des tissus que j'attendais depuis longtemps , des beautés je vous dis. A vrai dire, ce sont pour moi les plus beaux tissus de ma collection! 
Mesdames, roulement de tambours pour les tissus Cotton&Steel!

Cotton&Steel is in da house , you people!! and it ROCKS!!!!!!! I also got the most beautiful bundle of solids... my cup runneth over!

 This bundle is for a quilt I plan to make for my horse-loving-girl and I must admit I will shamelesly copy this beauty by Film in the fridge: 

Tout d'abord, une association de tissus pour faire un quilt cheval pour ma fille:
 Then there is Lawn : oh this print by Rashida Coleman: it will be paired with this beautiful gold threaded basic (let me tell you: it looks nothing like "basic" to me!!)  to make an Emery dress with contrasting skirt...

Et puis ces deux tissus qui seront assemblés pour faire une robe: le noir en haut, la jupe mordorée.. 
 It is soooooooooooooo soft:

Now there is this other lawn.... I am planning another Lucy dress, what do you think??   or maybe  a Sugar pop Top ??

Celui-ci pour faire un top Sugar Pop:

 Or maybe this colorway for my Lucy???

ET celui-là pour une Lucie n°2!

and then there was this bundle of Hawthorne Hues added to my package by the sweet Hawthorne Threads team: a bundle of joy if you ask me . I love that I got the cards too to play with! I am planning a modern quilt for these...

J'ai également eu la chance de recevoir ce beau cadeau: un lot de fatquarter des unis de Hawthorne Threads; emballé comme un arc-en -ciel! vraiment beaux!
I am also sewing for Kids Clothes week, but nothing I can show you right now: it is a project I am making for  Annika's blog Hop.. so ushh..

Oh well, as you can see I have fabric and projects for the rest of my life (at least!!) 

Summer break is here but as a mother I don't get much of a break and my sewing time is reduced to the smallest portion.. sigh.. 
So in the meanwhile, before I find time to sew all my projects, I will be dreaming of flowers,  horses and rainbows of bright solids!!

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  1. Aw, I've been waiting for this line to come out! Looks amazing! <3

  2. J'ai la tête qui tourne rien qu'à voir toutes ces merveilles. Maintenant, nous allons avoir hâte de voir tout cela sortir de sous le pied de ta machine.


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