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mercredi 16 juillet 2014

I am linking today to Proverbs 31ministries  .
I recently joined a Bible study group : It is something I never did before but the title caught my eye, and my heart.
We are working on Lysa Terkeust latest book : "I am messing up my kids?".
Great title , right?? And a question I ask myself about 100 times a month:!
SO yes, I thought, this Bible study is for me!!
The book is awesome, just what I needed for this long summer break with my children.
I needed to feel I am not alone feeling bad about my mothering, feeling I need to refill , to fill with more than chocolate!! 
Because, Yes- I do feel that  being a mum is tough. At least it does not always come naturally to me.
Today we are having a Bog Hop and we share why we think being a mother is tough! SO I am going to be real today ..

I look after my kids alone most of the time, even on week-ends as my husbands works long hours.
I also work full time as a teacher outside the home .
And as you may know I NEED to sew and craft on a daily basis in order to keep my sanity!

I love being a Mum; I love these 2 so much it hurts sometimes! I spend my time thinking of them, or worrying for them , or planning things for them, or talking about them :)

I am the kind of mum who wants my kids to have a good time :

 Who puts funny make up on their faces for the final of the world cup, and serves ice cream and gives them bubbles to play hard in the yard.

But I am also the mum who gets mad at the mess they make :

 The mum who gets mad when my older, my girl, seems so foreign to me, because she is so nasty to her little brother.

I am the one who dreams of sewing while teaching my kid to sew, early morning, her still in her pyjamas, still wearing traces of that funny make up:

But I am the one whose heart fills with love when I see her doing it so well and hear her squeal in delight!

I also am the kind of Mum whose kids can go to school with mismatched socks...and hair hardly combed.

I run all the time and say "quick"/ "hurry" a thousand times a year!

Somtimes I also worry about my childrens's hearts and soul: are they making room for Jesus in their lives? Are they Good enough ? 

Yes - I struggle and I yell and I pray to God that He may help me be a better Mum.

I want to be a good Mum , not the perfect one, just the one my kids need me top be, just the way God deigned me to be!

I need to remember that when I am drained, emptied, I need to turn to God so he can refill me with the Love I need to give to my kids.

I am so glad I started this Bible Study. Already after a few days of reading and studying the Bible, I feel I have tools and weapons to fight my Mum guilt and anxiety!

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  1. Hi! I'm coming from the blog hop -- isn't it so nice to know we are not alone as moms. For this time in my life, this book is perfect. I'm really struggling with decisions I've made with my children making them who they are today, but I know with God's love and grace, He can mend anything. This book is such a great reminder of that and just to take one step at a time. And I love what you said -- not to be a perfect mom, but to be the mom our kids need us to be. Much love to you on this journey!

    1. Thanks Betsy! yes this class is greatly improving my realtionship with GOd and my kids! It is really a great book!

  2. Lovely post, thank you. I a share a lot of your sentiments. I want to be a great mum, not a perfect one, but just one who raises happy, confident and kind girls. I have many days of big doubts!

  3. Such wonderful photos! I particularly love the one of your daughter sewing. I wish I made sewing with my girls more of a priority. When I do have time to sew, I generally use it myself. I'd love to be more intentional in this way.

    I think there are so many pressures on us moms today - much more so than there where in my parents' generation. At least here in the US. We can all only do our best. I was just talking to Dan last night about how the more we have given in terms of love and patience and understanding, the more we have gained. Sometimes that feels counterintuitive but I do believe it's true.

    1. Totally agreed Rachel : it will all pay in the end! thank you for reading this post too, quite far from my usual sewing posts:!! and thank you for your long email last time! it was fun , a bit like chatting across the ocean!

  4. Hi Sophie, This is a wonderful post. I've been a mom now for 17 years - but I never stop asking myself this question. Yet I have learned to trust God and pray constantly for guidance and blessings. I even pray when hanging up the laundry (a trick I read from Mother Theresa!) And I see Him very much at work in our lives. Blessings to you and your lovely family! xo Karen PS ! Love the photos of them watching the world cup :)

  5. oh sophie, what a beautiful post! i'm sure we all totally understand you. i often feel the same. my husband and I working, then at home also wanting some time for us, but at the same time loving our two kids so wholeheartedly that it sometimes hurts and wanting them to be happy and to grow to be nice and responsible. so much to do...
    however, we are all doing our best and i think that's what is important. also, regarding work: i want to be a role model for my daughter. how could i tell her to learn and study when she will go to school, when at the same time she would see her mother giving up her work that she learned so hard for just to be at home all the time. i want to have time with them, but also to show especially my daughter that once she's grown up she can do what she wants...
    does this all make sense?
    and btw: i love that your daughter (and hopefully you?) were cheering for Germany ;)
    Sending you, my friend, some hugs,

    1. yes us girls where cheering for Germany!! It was a fun night with pizzas , and laughters:) and yes I think it is also good to model to our kids that a woman can me something else than a mother if she chooses to.

  6. Beautifully written, Sophie. I know how you feel. Even though my children are adults, when I see them make a poor choice, I blame it on my skills as a mother. Did I teach them enough about Jesus? Did I live a godly life before them? Was I too strict or too lenient? I'm 68 years old and still struggle with those thoughts. We moms do wish we could be perfect.

  7. How refreshing. Thanks for sharing because it often seems in this blog world with all our pretty pictures and makings that life is perfect for everyone else but us. And I too understand the struggle of the working mom who needs to create!! Thanks for sharing-you are not alone.



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