lundi 14 juillet 2014

 If you follow me on Facebook, you might be aware that I am back into a quilting mood right now:!! I can't get enough.
There is something so relaxing and so rewarding in the whole quilting process... and unlike sewing garments, you don't have to worry about sizing and fit!!

SO! I finished my Bizzy Kid quilt! yay for me!  The pattern was made by Cluck Cluck sew and it is really great! Love it when it all goes smoothly!

SI vous me suivez sur Facebook, vous savez peut-être déjà que je suis à nouveau folle de patchwork!! 
C'est revenu comme un virus!! 
J'ai enfin réussi à finir ce quilt pour la chambre de mon fils, commencé il y a des mois...

I had this quilt top ready fo months!
but I did not dare to start quilting as I knew it required free motion quilting, something I had never done on such a big quilt: this quilt is 60"x80"! arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Mais il fallait que j'utilise la technique de "mouvement libre" pour le matelasser et ça c'est effrayant!!
Mais rien n'est impossible à la guerrière de la couture que je suis!! DONC j'ai rassemblé mon matos, j'ai respiré un bon coup..; et TADA!!

 BUT ... nothing is impossible to the courageous sewer that I am!! I grabbed my darning foot, my most beloved Aurifil thread and I just did it!!

Just for the record: the quilting is totally imperfect, not a single loop looks like another....
but Practice makes almost perfect ! And I got better as I went!

ANd there is nothing a gentle wash a dry can do to an imperfect looking quilt: It looks so soft and cuddly...

 Franchement il est totalement imparfait!! Mais ce n'est pas grave! seule la pratique mène à l'amélioration!! et surtout un bon lavage et séchage en sèche-linge!! rien de tel pour rendre tout quilt doux et moelleux!

 Here it is in its final home: this quilt was a long time promised bed spread for my 4 years old bed:
I surprised it one night as I just finished binding it. I put it on his bed as he was asleep and he woke up the next day squealing with delight. 

That's what I like about sewing, that's why I will never stop: It is an act of love... You should have seen the smile on his precious face.. Oh my heart!! My cup runneth over!

The books that taught me how to free motion quilt:

Don't even attempt free motion quilting on your home machine without these gloves:I mean these or any other quilting gloves!! they saved my life!

I used 100% cotton batting

And some gorgeous fabrics: from Hawthorne Threads: perfect collection for boys!! And it is on sale now!

SO what do you think?? Why are you sewing/ crafting?? what are the reasons that make you try new things?? 

Have yourself a great day: today is an important day: we are celebrating the french revolution and yesterday was like this in your garden's sky:

3 commentaires:

  1. Wow, this is so awesome and your points are all so perfect! You're a woman of so many talents! :)

  2. Il est MAGNIFIQUE !!!!
    J'adore aussi le patchwork... je dois terminer celui qui ira embellir ma caravane vintage pour nos vacances de l'année prochaine... car pour cette année, c'est râté, nous sommes déjà rentrés !!!!!


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