{ I made a shirt! A Mulberry tunic for my boy }

samedi 21 juin 2014

 People!!! I made a shirt! I sewed button holes !:) even though it is a kid's shirt I am still proud of myself!!
Well, actually, my sewing machine sewed the button holes and I almost kissed it when I realize how easy it was!!:)

J'ai cousu une chemise! je n'en reviens pas! j'ai cousu des boutonnières!! enfin, ma machine les a cousues! et j'en étais tellement contente que je l'ai embrassée!!

I used the Mulberry tunic pattern by  Kid Approved for Willow&Co. 
I cut a size 4 for my 4 1/2 boy and the fit is PERFECT. 
This tunic makes me so happy!

 I love this pattern and I think it is so well written: I love the finishing touches: the topstitching and the seams inside the garments are well finished thanks to the details in the pattern:

J'ai utilisé le patron de la Mulberry Tunic par Kid Approved pour Willow&Co: un très beau patron, qui offre des détails très intéressants pour les finitions. J'aime apprendre de nouveaux trucs et astuces et ce patron m'a permis de faire de jolies finitions à l'intérieur et à l'extérieur: 

  Love the cute back yoke and pleat:
J'adore la découpe et le pli dans le dos:

I used Carolyn Friedlander's Botanics Collection bought from Hawthorne Threads a while ago.
I first bought the whole collection in 1/2 yards in order to make a quilt but it turns out I am using those prints for garments: I used them for my Knight hoodies' hoods and know for this tunic.

The prints resemble scribbles and doodling, perfect for this summer's Kids Clothes Week theme, don't you think?

J'ai utilisé des tissus de la collection Botanics de Carolyn Fieldlander achetés chez Hawthorne Threads. Les tissus rappellent des crayonnages, ils sont parfaits pour le thème de cette saison de Kids Clothes Week: KID ART!

 The boy wore it proudly to a birthday party today.

 He loves the inseam pockets:
Mon boy adore les poches sur le devant:

There really are 5 buttons on the front but he didn't want to button up the last one: "Boys don't wear the last button!!" So he says!!... OH BOYS!!

Il y a bien 5 boutons sur le devant mais :" Les garçons ça ne boutonnent pas le dernier!" dixit le boy! Je m'incline:)

Oh well! I was scared of shirts and now I am not!! I am ready to embrace the whole shirt thing!! give me shirt patterns!! I am ready!!

Alors voilà!! je n'aurais plus jamais peur des boutonnières! alors à moi les patrons de chemises pour enfants, hommes et femmes!!!! 

I wish you a great week-end, sending hugs your way!

12 commentaires:

  1. I love it, Sophie! The shirt turned out great! Thank you for using my pattern!

  2. Well the world is definitely your oyster now that you can add buttonholes to the mix! The shirt is darling. It seems we both love this fabric. I can't wait to see what you make next. :)

    1. yes!! the whole world of buttons is now mine!!ahahaha! I am ready for more! thanks for visiting! have a great week.

  3. Coucou, le petit a l'air content de sa chemise... et de ne pas boutonner le dernier bouton hihi ! Bravo et bon dimanche

  4. I love your shirt and how easy it always looks when you sew those lovely garments:-)

    1. Thank you! I don't know if I make it look easy but I sure enjoy the process! It is a bit like a game for me! I also like what you sew: the pouch you made for your boy's cars is really nice and handy! thanks for visiting!

  5. This one is so beautiful! Love the fabrics! So summery!
    I also just sewed my first shirt. Buttons up all the way and I'm smiling as soon as I see it :) Aren't we a bit silly ;) But it feels so good! Anyways I used the Ethan Shirt pattern as I had it from a Sewing Fab bundle. It was actually quite great and the outcome is amazing. Nonetheless I'm thinking about buying the Zonen 09 Theo one as it has a fun retro touch. However, it's just in Dutch and I will only dare to do it, now that I have sewn another one and know more or less what to do...

  6. Jolie chemise! J'adore les couleurs. Biz

  7. Elle est très belle cette chemise et bravo pour les revers :)
    Ton petit bonhomme a de quoi être fière!

  8. j'adore la couleur, le mariage de couleur est très réussi, bravo!

  9. Love this shirt! Your buttons are impeccable done and those sleeve tabs are so cute. Your son is a great model!


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