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mardi 24 juin 2014

You might know that I am lucky enough to be a contributor for this season's Kid's Clothes week!

Well, my first post is up and I am very anxious:  you know: me, the french girl who  has so much to learn about sewing, writing a post for KCW! It seams unreal!

In this post, I try to inspire you with some fabrics that match this season's theme: KID ART. 
Here are some examples of what you can find in the post:
Vous savez peut-être que j'ai la chance de contribuer à la saison d'été de Kid's Clothes Week!
Eh bien ! mon premier post est publié et je suis très anxieuse !!

L’objectif de ce post est de vous aider à trouver de l'inspiration par rapport au thème de cette saison: DESSINS D'ENFANTS. J'ai donc appliqué ce thème aux tissus, à mes tissus adorés!

Je suis donc partie à la chasse sur internet pour vous dégotter des trésors qui, je l'espère, vous inspireront. Voici quelques exemples de ce que vous trouverez sur ce post:

 #1: How modern is this!
#2: This print is simply amazing: it looks like an actually piece of Kid Art!
#3: Small uneven dots, so lovely!
#4: This Nani Iro print was found in a french online shop : Cousette. It is the perfect combination of brown and neon pink and it is made out of a soft flannel. Just a hint: this fabric is on my cutting table right now!!

#1: The whole Far Far Away collection is a delight! Heather Ross did wonders and who could resist this princess and the pea print?? wouldn’t it be perfect on a bed spread or even on a dress?
#2 Those snails have my heart: designed by Made by Rae, this collection is perfect in terms of design and colors.  This print is great for boys garments: hats, shorts… I am inspired!
# 3 I have this print in a different colorway and am planning to sew a Caroline party dress for my own girl with it during KCW.
#4 Ed Emberley is the best illustrator for kids animal prints.

I have gone on a hunt on the internet to find some really cool prints and collections that are bound to inspire you to sew for your children!

Check the whole post .

J'espère que cela vous donne envie de lire le post entier! c'est par ici.

Thank you for visiting!!

5 commentaires:

  1. I'm so proud of you. you rock!

    1. Oh ! Danke Annika! you put a big smile on my face! I was so anxious about this post! you are so very kind to me! This is the kind of things I blog for: to "meet" people like you who encourage and inspire others! hugs

  2. Great fabrics! I don't get much sewing time during the summer, but I've fallen in love with some of your choices...

  3. HI Sonia! yes we all are most outside during the summer! thanks for visiting!:)

  4. I have to say those fabrics are amazing!! If I could find things like that in my local stores I would never stop sewing (Good thing I can'tor I'd never go back to work). They are inspiring enough to make something new every day.


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