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dimanche 9 mars 2014

I am feeling this blog really has taken a new turn since the beginning of the year. 
I have taken some time to reflect and decided to give scrapbooking a break for a while. 
I am sorry for those of you who follow me for my scrapbooking pages! There will be some scrapbooking ( I am writing an article for Esprit Scrabooking!) but I am really right now in LOVE with sewing and until that state of being in love lasts, you will see a lot of sewing around here!

I love that there is so much I want to learn about sewing and that it seems to be an endless source of wonder!
Therefore I have already started to connect with other sewers and let me tell you: they are as fabulous and fun as scrapbookers!!!

In  my desire to connect with the sewing community I have enrolled in The Sewing Rabbit Pattern member club: for 10 $ a month you can get 3 surprise patterns in your inbox every month! How cool is that?? come and join us!
The real plus is that Jess has created a real sense of community around the members.

Secondly  and in order to make this blog  a place were you can come and "meet" someone who shares the same passion as you, I have made a few additions to this blog:

# I started the Cargo Duffle sew along. 

#And  I created a Facebook page for the blog: on this page I will share all things related to my sewing and crafty adventures:

C'est la vie on Facebook: come and say hi!

I also added a new "About" page to the blog  where you can learn a bit more about me and ask questions if you like.


#Finally: There are some fun things coming soon, including my very first pattern testing: here is a tiny peak!!

Well, dear friends, thank you for visiting and reading!
See you soon for Part IV of the sew along.


2 commentaires:

  1. I'm sure sewing will bring you lots of joy! Especially when having little people around you is very rewarding trying new patterns for them. Hope you choose patchwork among the many sewing fields as one to explore and enjoy. So happy to have met you!

  2. Loving the fabric in your test pattern and what a gorgeous photo of you! All of your new ventures sound exciting. I need to check out the pattern club-looks fun.



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