lundi 10 mars 2014

Welcome back to 
the Cargo duffle Sew along !

I hope you are up for our
Part 4 today:
 quilting and attaching pockets to front part

Let’s do it!  so read carefully the pattern as well as Anna's post. 
I am taking you step by step through the process:
 read before you start!!:)

 Step 2: assemble exterior: pages 4 and 5! 
Wow : getting there ladies!! 

 (pour mes amies francophones: je pense que les photos sont suffisantes pour cette partie: n'hésitez pas à me poser les questions qui vous intéressent/ je pourrais mettre à jour le post avec les traductions nécessaires!)

  • let's start by quilting front part:

Quick reminder for those who are new to quilting:

You will need :
- a walking foot

- Quilting pins

- And /or some spray glue

For best results:

- Tape canvas to flat surface

- place batting on top, smooth well with hands

- place quilting cotton on top (right side up) : I like to iron layers together.

You can spray a bit of glue before adding each part of the sandwich:

 At the end I like to add pins to avoid fabrics from shifting:

 Choose threads depending on the color of fabric:

  • Now quilt your front and back with straight lines:
Tip: always go in the same direction: don’t turn around at the end : stop, cut thread and start on the same side you strated your first line.


Leave 3.5" unquilted at the bottom: this is the place you will add your bottom accent piece. We will quilt it later.

When you are finished: 
 I like to add a raw of edgestitches to prevent my threads from pulling out: stitch at 1/8" from edges

I used a white thread in the bobbin but this is a bit useless as I plan to lone my bag!!:)

Trim to size: 11.5”tall x 19” wide:

 It can happen that your batting is smaller than canvas and cotton: it is alright as we have ½” seam allowances when we will assemble the bag.

  • You are ready to place your pockets on top of front exterior!
The aim is to place raw edge of pockets 3.5" away front bottom edge  and at the same time to  center your pockets: the center of pockets should be about 9.5" from each edge but this can vary.

  You can either draw a line with Hera Marker or erasable pencil or use rulers as I do.

So use a small ruler to insure that you have the same measurement on each side of pockets.

Make sure raw edge of pockets is DOWN and stitched edge is UP!

 Pin well , not opening completely the sides so the edge does not move away from its original place:

Stitch exactly on the line of stitches you already have: go slow.

Do the same for the center: you should end up with something like that:

  •  Now add pockets flap: 
 trace a line 3/4" away from top of pockets.

Iron raw edge of flaps in and place the fold on the line you just marked / stitch

DON'T FORGET TO CUT RAW EDGES 1/4" AWAY FROM SEAM otherwise it will be visible when you open flaps (and that is pretty ugly!!) 

 so now you have something nice like that when you open flaps!!

 stitch on top of flaps:

Hooray!!! DONE!!

Now all you have to to is add the bottom accent: this one must be cut to the exact measurments: 4.5”x 19”

Quilt again!

 I like to add a raw of edgestitche to the bottom too for a nicer finish. 



Repeat for the back but without adding pockets!! of course!
And while you are at it, go ahead and quilt bottom gusset piece.

This was a bit long wasn't it??!! quilting always is!

I hope you found this part helpful. Please do ask any questions you may have, here, on the flickr group or on my FB page.

Don't forget to add your photos to our flickr group.


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  1. Loving this! Thanks so much for all of your tips, it really does make the process less daunting! Speaking of... I rushed ahead and am realizing that I messed up my pocket flaps. Must go redo!

  2. so glad you are doing this tutorial! [the pockets were confusing].
    I got this far okay, but the next couple of steps are not straight forward to me.

  3. Hello! I just find your sew along! But I will try to do in next days because I fall in love with it!

    1. Hi! thank you for visiting! hope you join along. Take your time. The good thing is these posts will be here forever!!

  4. how far apart are the quilting lines? 1/4 or 1/2??

    Many thanks for the sew along!

  5. I would also like to know how far apart are the quilting lines

  6. Hi, I just found your sew a long and it's been very helpful but I do have a question- if you don't line your bag, does the canvas end up being the interior of the bag?


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