vendredi 7 mars 2014

I am so glad you made it that far!!

You can find the 2 first parts of this sew along here:
Remember to go and download the free pattern created
by Anna of Noodlehead  

Today we are going to  :
make the pockets  and pockets flaps

Go to page 3 of the pattern and start making the pockets:
here are a few tips I can share with you today:

  •  I always start by choosing coordinated thread for my fabric:I use them for assembling and quilting:
  • Choisissez vos fils: ils vous serviront à assembler et à matelasser:

  •  To mark the pleats I use a Hera marker, but you can also use a water soluble pen. I like to use a Hera Marker , because all it leaves is a crease on the fabric: no need to wash!
  • marquer le centre au fer; puis à l'aide d'une règle et d'un outil de marquage marquez 1 ligne à 1.5 pouce, de chaque côté du centre et 2 autres lignes à 1.5 pouces des bords.
  • Amenez les deux marques centrales sur le pli central et les deux autres sur les bords:
  • Pour marquer vous pouvez utiliser un Hera Marker , qui ne fait que plisser le tissu ou un stylo à encre effaçable à l'eau: 

  • mark the center by pressing well and then use the pleat as a starting point to mark your other pleats:
  •  press well after folding.
  • marquez bien tous ces plis au fer:

  • Pin very well to give the right shape and insure that the measurements are right:I like to use the same clips I use for quilting: it holds all the layers  in place quite well (yes!! they look like hari clips!!) .
  • Make sure your pocket is the right width: approx: 11.5 "

  • épinglez et vérifiez que votre poche mesure 11.5 pouces de long:
I am crazy about pinning!!
  •  Edgestitch on the pleats you have marked :
  • Surpiquez sur le pli (là où vous aviez tracé votre marque, à 1.5 pouce du bord) :
 Edgestitching along fold

  • YAY!! we are now on page 4 of the pattern!!:) let's make a cup of tea!!! Now we are going to make the pockets flaps

  • This is how I make the pockets flap: I actually draw the stitching line 1/2 " away from edges and then I draw my curve: I made a little curve on this one using a pool.
  •   Then I stitch right on the lines I have drawn. It is the best way for me to get a nice curve.
  • Bravo! nous en sommes maintenant à la page 4 du patron!! Wouhou! 
  •  Nous allons faire les rabats des poches:mon système D pour obtenir un joli arrondi: tracer la ligne de couture à 0.5 pouce du bord et tracer l'arrondi dessus: ensuite lorsque je couds, je couds SUR cette ligne.Et voilà!!
  • pensez à surpiquez 2 lignes autour des bords.

  •  Don't forget to clip curves.
 Please ignore VERY ugly cutting mat!!
and this is wrong: the raw edges of the pockets should be down, not up like on this photo!!
However raw edge of flaps should be up, like on photo
  • Check that pockets flaps fit nicely on the pockets.

Now you should have some gorgeous pockets!!

I was about to explain how to quilt back, front and sides, but I think this post is long enough for today!!

Go ahead and make your pockets,

              I will be back on sunday with Part IV: quilting back and front!

Don't forget to add your photos of process to our Flickr group
you can ask questions in the comment section here or on the Flickr group!

                                                  I would love to hear from you!
 Do you get enough informations and tips from my posts?
Is this going too fast or too slow for you?
How far are you in the process?

Let's make this a fun experience and let's make it together!!

Have a great week-end!

4 commentaires:

  1. I'm ready for the pockets, let's see if I have a bit of time this afternoon... I've tried the metallic snaps and they are giving me some problems, I'll try again till I learn. I've read you cannot find there there. Would you like me to mail you a packet?, It has all the tools you need (but the hammer) I live in Spain, it would reach you soon enough for you to try...

  2. Trying to catch up today and tomorrow. Will send pics to flickr tomorrow.


  3. Such a gorgeous bag, I am in love with it!!!

  4. Just wanted to let you know that I'm following along, though I'm a little bit behind! Just got the pockets done tonight. I was a bit worried about the pleats, but they were kind of satisfying to make! Thank you for hosting this sew-a-long... I've liked the cargo duffel for awhile but it looked a little intimidating. This is a non-intimidating way to try it out! :)


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