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mercredi 15 janvier 2014

I have already said how much I like "Liberty Love" book.
I made a few projects from the book and the more recents are this Mini Spool Quilt and 2 pincushions

The mini Spool Quilt is actually a mix of the book's pattern and Camille Roskelley Spool quilt pattern. I am taking her brand new class on Craftsy and loving it.
I used 4 different fabrics for my spools, the top of the spools are made out of Robert Kaufman linen.

 and guess what? for the first time I used free-motion quilting !
I know, I know , It is no big deal:  it is only a tiny portion of the quilt, but I am LEARNING!!:) and loving it!

The mini Quilt was gifted to a dear friend for her new home. 

With the scraps from the spool quilt and from my scrap bin, I made 2 pincushions for 2 sewing friends. I didn't have enough prints in Liberty so I added other scraps in the same colorway.
What I really like about these pincushions is that they are quite a generous size. Quite cuddly really!!

 I really enjoyed these small projects! they brought a lot of satisfaction!!

Well! tell me, what are you working on right now?? my next project will be a bed cover for my 4 year old boy.

have yourself a great day

bonjour amis francophones!
voici mes 2 projets les plus récents: un mini quilt bobines, en Liberty et des petits coussins pique-aiguille. Des petits projets offerts à des amies couturières. 
J'ai tiré mon inspiration du livre Liberty Love et d'une classe en ligne sur la plateforme Craftsy: Playful Piecing technique par Camille Roskelley.

voilà!! je vous laisse car je suis harcelée par mon fils: "tu joues mamaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaannn??????"


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