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jeudi 28 juillet 2011

It is no secret that these 2 are holding a big place in my heart!!
and when I mix them I just have a blast and love the result!
actually most of my magpie layouts are in my fav lists! I don't know why, maybe because they have "soul"!*

I wanted to scrap this lovely photo of my girl and I was so inspired by this big yellow ribbon!
I wanted it right in the center of my layout!
I made a flower with the Jenni bowlin crepe paper ribbon and added a Glitz sticker in the middle.
some doilies
2 Elle's studio's tags (love!)

I added a sheet of sassafras paper on top of the brown american craft .

check ou this month kit at Magpie club, if you haven't already!

have a great day

bonjour amis francophones

voilà une page faite avec des produits que j'aime beaucoup et une photo que j'adore! la recette d'une page réussie! en tous cas je me suis beaucoup amusée à la faire!
la plupart des éléments viennent du kit de juillet de Magpie club auquel j'ai ajouté une feuille de chez Sassafras , quelques napperons et 2 étiquettes de chez Elle's studio!

voilà !! passez une excellente journée!

4 commentaires:

  1. Thank you so much Sophie, it means the world to me. You made my day.

  2. Totally with you on the Magpie Kit Sophie. Pure love...... wonderful layout. Love that little flower!

  3. Gorgeous layout, Sophie!!! I love the colours you have used - so bright and happy! Awesome!!! :D

  4. Love your Magpie layouts as well. Wish there was no tax/customs on goods from the US and I'd subscribe.


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