An autumn outift

dimanche 22 novembre 2020

 It's been so much fun to go back to knitting and sewing this school year. 

My hands were itching for fabric and soft textures, for repetivive movements and happy long lasting wearable results!

I planned a whole outfit of 3 pieces in fall colors and dived right in. 

  • I started with the Tender sweater by Mélody of Mandarine's 
  •  This boxy sweater is cropped which is perfect to wear with skirts and dresses.

I knit it in Cascade 220 because I love this thick soft yarn and I had used it to make a hat for my husband: it had aged beautifully. It was freezing when my daughter and I stepped outside to take some shots today but the sweater did its job really well and only my hands and nose were freezing!


Knitting in black wasn't an issue and the pattern was very easy to follow. The cute chevron pattern at the bottom of the sweater is an easy one and knitting in the round makes every stockinette ârt fairly fast to knit.

I made a size S and I am happy with the look of it. 

The only alteration I made to the pattern was to lengthen the cuffs to fit my long arms!

I started this sweater on September 9th and finished it on friday the 20th!

  • I also sewed myself this midi skirt that I adore! 

The pattern called "Poulette" is by Cousette, a french fabric shop which also creates beautiful patterns. You need to know the basics of sewing when reading the pattern but it is pretty clear on the whole.

 I used a beautiful viscose also designed by Cousette.

I love the buttons on the front although I broke in cold sweat a few times while sewing the button holes!

I made a few mistakes on this skirt but the pattern on the fabric is quite forgiving. I hadn't been sewing in such a long time, I felt like a brand new beginner and it was exciting!

I am very happy with these two pieces. 

Now I need to complete it with the Lake Street Shawl designed by dear Brienne Moody.

Brienne has been a long term internet friend and she is now creating beautiful knitting patterns. I love that she donated the proceeds of the sales to the LAke Street Council. Here is what Brienne writes about it:

"I finished it in the weeks after George Floyd was murdered in Minneapolis. In my home state. I had originally planned to name this shawl after the birds that inspired it. Instead, this shawl is named “The Lake Street Shawl” to mark what I hope is a dramatic shift in our attitudes and our actions around racism. The Lake Street neighborhoods near where George Floyd was murdered are working to rebuild their communities and businesses. All proceeds earned from the sale of this shawl will be donated to the Lake Street Council to support these efforts."

 Isn't she amazing?!

If you have any questions about both these patterns please feel free to ask! I have been missing the lovely interactions I had with my blog readers here !

I am leaving you with my cheeky Masha the cat, queen of the garden!

2 commentaires:

  1. Lovely outfit! Sweet kitty!!! I love IG, but I also miss blog posts!

  2. You look so pretty, but above all so happy! The black sweater complements the bright skirt perfectly, really stylish. And I so get your remark of missing blog interactions.... Glad you're back!


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