Christmas break and one little word for 2018

mardi 9 janvier 2018

Our Christmas break is over.
The whole 2 weeks have been some of the most restful in a very long time. I tried, as much as I could, to be present with the children, to fill our time with love and good things.
We had my family over at our house for Christmas day, and although that involved a lot of chaos, it filled me with great joy.
I took the kids skying the only bright day out of the 2 weeks and tried the new lense I got for christmas. It's a 50mm and I really need to get used to it, but gosh I love it!

Our Christmas morning was so great: lots of happy smiles !

My brother took his dog to our house on Christmas day: I have always wanted a dog: this one was ours for the day!!
Richard made friend with her immediatly... even through his nap, she never left hhis side!

Our lazy days involved morning in pyjamas and a lot of books!

So here is to 2018: a new year, a lot of possibilities.

My one little word for this new year is "DISCIPLINE" because:
  • I am hoping to be more disciplined in my "adult" life: with chores and paperwork..
  • I am hoping to set some good habits for the kids: music practice, reading time.....
  • on a deeper level , I want to be a better disciple: I want to be more like Jesus, learning from Him how to love others and be a better human. 

3 commentaires:

  1. This looks great...a lot of fun days.

  2. Beautiful work with your new lens! Thank you for this. I think you chose an outstanding word for 2018, especially in its deeper meaning. That is my longing for this year as well :)

  3. what a BEAUTIFUL post! LOVING your pictures!!


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