A Metamorphic dress and a Tegna sweater (and a maths tutorial!)

dimanche 7 janvier 2018

 So it is the end of our winter break and I am glad to say it was a slow and yet productive time for me.
i finally managed to find time to cut into these 2 gorgeous Tencel fabrics to make a Metamorphic dress and I had time to finish knitting my Tegna sweater.

#1: Metamorphic dress
it is a pattern by Sew Liberated. I love everything Meg creates and I really think she has the coolest style!
My version is made out of 2 Tencel fabrics. Tencel is a very soft drappy fabric that feels and looks like silk. It is a natural fiber.
I got one black and one kaki-ish that is stlightly marbled.
I made a size 8 and went down to 6 at the waist but next time I will stick to size 6 allover for a more fitted look although it is supposed to be quite wide as it is designed to be layered.
LOVE the result!

 #2: To go with that dress and a lot of my other dresses, I knitted a Tegna sweater.
Pattern is by Caitlin Hunter, honestly one of the coolest and most modern knitwear designers around.
The Tegna is a cropped sweater with dropped shoulders and a fancy lace panel at the bottom.
I used ecologically hand dyed yarn by Hey mama wolf. Colorway: Birch Bark.
I had just enough to finish the second sleeve! I wish I had enough to make the sleeves 3/4 but I couldn't, so I will have to wait for spring to wear it.. so sad!

  I knit quite tight so I had to do some maths to find the right size. I went for a size M knowing it would fit my small 34,5 " bust great. And it does. It is slightly longer than the intended design ( 2 inches more) but I like it so much like that!

A tutorial on how to choose your size when knitting!
at least that's how I do it, and so far its worked for me!

So here is how I do it:
  • My gauge was 23 stitches for 4".   
  • The patterns calls for 22 stitches for 4". It doesn't look like a big difference over 4 " but it does on the whole sweater. 
  • So I go to the pattern and find the place that indicates the number of stitches before we separate body and sleeves.
  •  I see in the pattern that a size M has 238 stitches where we divide for the arm holes: that is around the bust. 
  •  I do some maths and see that 238 stitches with my gauge will give me 41,5 " around the bust. 
I calculate:
4x 238=  952
952 / 23 = 41.6

 { the formula is:
4" (size of the gauge)  x the number of stitches around the bust in the pattern
the number you get / the number of your stitches for 4"   }

So with my gauge, if I knit a size M I shall have 41,6" at the bust.
I am 34,5 " and the pattern calls for an ease between 5" and 10". So it is fine to me! I will have about 7-8 "of ease. 

So that's all from me for now!
I am going back to my family and enjoy the last day of our break!

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