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dimanche 3 août 2014

Remember this gorgeous stack of fabrics I got from Hawthorne Threads last time?? they are just the happiest things: so soft !
I am working on a quilt, but it can be a long process for me ...

Vous vous souvenez de ce lot de tissus splendides qui m'avaient été offerts par la boutique Hawthorne Threads? 
Et bien je suis en train de coudre un quilt avec ces belles couleurs mais un quilt, ça prend du temps! alors en attendant de la finir, et pour me distraire un peu, j'ai cousu cette robe pour l'anniversaire de ma fille, dont le thème est "cheval et cow-boys! 

So, in the meanwhile, I could not resist sewing a little party dress for my daughter's" horse " themed birthday party. 
I had this print from Wee Wanders collection my girl loves and I decided to create a colorblock bodice to match. 
I pulled out Salmon, Azalea, Teal and avocado as well as white, which are the colors also found on the Wee Wanders print.

The pattern is a mix of the Hanami dress (nothing better than the fit of this dress!) + the Lotta dress. 
this mix was inspired by a dress Rachel from Stitched together made a while ago, only she mixed the hanami with the geranium!  Just like she did , I took off 2 inches of the bodice length.

My bodice is also shamelessly inspired by this other dress by Straight Grain.
I just played with fabric and it felt really good. Cut and sew, cut and sew- a bit like "quilt as you go".. delicious.
The back is fun too:

 and the girl loves it, of course:
 She says she is that girl with the blue dress who rides the horse on the skirt:

 She lets the wind blow the skirt and her wild hair!! and even let me take photos of her toothless smile!!
 And then she gets all the stuff we made for her "horse "birthday out: painted jars, fabric banner, just for fun!!

We are ready for this birthday party for sure!

I want to thank Hawhtorne Threads who have gifted this beautiful bundle of fabrics. 
But rest assured that all opinions expressed here are mine! I support this shop because I love it and because I think they have the best range of fabrics and the best customer service! I would not otherwise. 

12 commentaires:

  1. Quelle très belle idée :)
    Sa robe est superbe !!!

  2. Gorgeous Sophie! I love color blocking...

    1. thanks for visiting and commenting! It is the first time I try color blocking on a garment but you inspired me to try it out!! As you can see I can't get enough of your Hanami!! even if I alter the pattern slightly, it has the perfect fit, anytime!!:)

  3. the color blocking is so great. and that horse fabric? so cute! perfect for your horse loving daughter. btw. your package is packed and i'll take it to the post office in the afternoon...

  4. Superbe !! J'adore ton mix de couleurs !

  5. Beautiful and sophisticated color blocking Sophie. I love it! Lucky birthday girl.

  6. Superbe, j'adore toutes ces couleurs. Et elle va à ravir à ta fille. Ça me donne envie d'essayer mais n'ayant aucune experience en quilting, j'espère m'en sortir. Any tips?

    1. merci! non c'est tout simple, c'est juste du patchwork!tu crées une pièce rectangulaire sur laquelle tu mettras ensuite ton patron. J'ai commencé par un grand triangle et j'ai ensuite ajouté les autres morceaux, cousus avec une marge de 1/4" .

  7. Elle est vraiment jolie cette robe !!! Bravo

  8. Lovely! Yet again your sewing looks so 'neat', all those seams are just so crisp! And the colours are great...I'm inspired. And is your daughter wearing a 'loom band' bracelet? These are all the craze here, I wonder if they've spread to France too?


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