{Thursday sewing: Babydoll Linden Sweatshirt }

jeudi 26 mars 2015

Although we are way near the end of March and officially in spring, our weather has been very windy and so cold! 
SO I thought I needed to bring spring to me in the shape of a nice pink, yet very warm and cosy Linden Sweatshirt!

 Une fois de plus, rien à dire, un vrai plaisir à coudre grâce à la surjeteuse magique du père Noël!!

This is my third take to this pattern. You can see my two other versions here and here. There is nothing more to add about this pattern: I think it is an amazing staple and I love the fit. 

I cut in size 4 and just added 1 inch to the sleeves because I thought that on the previous one, which I am wearing all the time, the sleeves are a bit too short.

I totally adore the fabric : you can't see it here, but the inside is like a "long hair softy"!! 
it is so so soft! I got it from this french online shop called Pretty Mercerie: they have a great range of sweatshirt fabric.

I wore this outfit many times already, it is super comfy!

I wanted to add a little note to  you , my dear readers: I hope you not too confused about my creative projects and what I post here. I used to feel self-conscious and somehow guilty to have different passions. I thought it was a bit weird and believed my blog would not interest anyone if it did not deal with one topic / one craft only. That is partly why I stopped scrapbooking a year ago, when I discovered my passion for sewing!
But after much pondering and a bit of self-examination, I realized that I love being crafty, I just do, whatever the way, the medium. I HAVE to create daily in order to find a balance in my life. It is the way I recharge and reload. I have come to terms with the facts that I have multiple passions and that it is ok. I will not make a career out of any of these passions, but I don't mind, well, not really::) 

So, now that I am back to scrapbooking I thought it would be nice if I try to post twice weekly, if I am able to. Thursdays will be "thursday sewing posts" and at the week-ends I will post my scrappy projects: I am thinking that either a "scrappy sunday or saturday" would fit!!:)
Anyway, thats just a plan!!:)

Thank you for visiting!

3 commentaires:

  1. i love to see your other creativity projects, too. btw: what about showing our washis together next week?

  2. You look so lovely, dear Sophie! And yes, I think you should make your blog distinctly YOU. I love seeing your scrapbooking or mixed media photos on Instagram. It's so inspiring to me even though it's not something I'm interesting in doing myself right now. I can so appreciate that art and admire your work very much. You are such a talented person and I love to see your various gifts being played out!

  3. Nice color combo, looks really good on you.


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