{ His own electric blue pants }

jeudi 5 mars 2015

The first edition of  Ottobre magazine I ever bought was the 6/2014 issue. I was really in love with the design, photos and patterns in the book. 
My friend Rachel recently wrote a great post on sewing with Ottobre patterns so I won't go into details about the patterns. 

I chose these simple pants pattern for my boy, because I loved the front pockets and cute back ones too. 

Maxence chose the buttons himself from our local fabric shop and I think it adds a little "english gentleman" touch to the garment!

I wanted some funky color for this garment.
 At first I had chosen a great orange but the boy had his word to say and chose this blue online!
 I was lucky enough to have the fabric gifted to me by the very generous owner of Cousette, one of my favorite french online fabric shops.

Maxence is quite tall for his age, but he is really thin for a boy too, so after asking some advice to my Instagram friends I chose to cut using his measurements for width but added length to match his height.

This boy really turns me to butter. He is so cuddly and always ready to tell me how much he loves me. I love that he has such a good heart. 

He wants to be a doctor when he is grown up. Last time, in the car he told me :" you know Maman, when I am a doctor, you won't have to pay and neither will the poor people!"

He is also the one who remembers to pray for our sponsor child and calls her "my little Lorena", when she is 3 years older than him.
I am so glad he is so kind hearted.

3 commentaires:

  1. What a sweet boy, Sophie! He reminds me of my Jude. The pants are great! And free fabric?! Way to go, Sophie! hugs!

  2. Great pants, I would have died for those horse head buttons when I was a kid! He chose well.
    I love that T-shirt too. Did you make that? I'm squinting at the screen but can't quite make out one word, faire le tour de la quoi?

  3. So cool pants. And Your boy really is so charming. Who knows? Maybe we can meet with our kids in the summer? Would love to get know yours!


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