{Why you need a knit skirt !}

samedi 14 février 2015

My friend Rachel and I, we share a lot of interests. We love parenting, sewing and we have decided at the beginning of this year to read the Bible in a year together. We needed to support each other in this crazy dare! We live so far apart it sometimes makes me want to cry! She is in the USA and I am in France. But thanks to our very clever smartphones, we can share our thoughts and bits of our lives through photos, emails and videos. That is pretty awesome and that makes me so thankful to be living in the 21st century!

 In one of the latest videos she sent me, she was wearing a striped knit skirt, and WOW did she look amazing in it! She was just talking to me, casually sitting in her chair, totally unaware of how beautiful and cool she was looking in her beautiful skirt ! 

I was looking on the web for some patterns that would be suitable for this project when I stumbled upon this post by Delia Creates. I had been interested in Delia Creates' pleated pencil skirt pattern for a while. It was the perfect timing to buy and use this pattern. 

Here are the reasons why you need a jersey skirt:

#1: You need  a comfy everyday skirt. You know, the one that would feel like pajamas but would look sexy!

#2 : pencil skirts make anyone look slim. Promised!

             I am aware I look a bit weird on this photo and.. well all the others! My 5 years old boy took them, so it was not always easy!!

#3: When you crawl on the ground and play with your kids, and when you stand up again, your skirt is not creased ! you can play and keep your dignity!! Every mama needs that "feel good" bonus in her life!

# 4 This is so easy to sew! I guess it took me less than an hour.

# 5 : you will be a happier woman!!:)

This was just my first attempt, but I must say I am hooked. I wore this skirt all day and, really, it was so comfy cosy ! 
I have bought more knit to make a new one, but I am also planning to make the woven version in navy cotton. I love that the woven version is fully lined and has the nice pleated detail at the back. SO classy!

What do you think? Do you have this kind of garment that is both comfy and pretty? What is your staple garment for your everyday life??

5 commentaires:

  1. I DO need a knit pencil skirt! Actually I've been thinking that for a little while, but now I know which pattern to make. Thanks Sophie, you look fantastic in your lovely skirt!

  2. Oh my goodness, Sophie! You are so funny saying that about my skirt! I have to tell you, I am so glad we discovered the video thing! I had never done that before and it is so much fun to see each other in real time... and our kids! And in a lot of ways, a lot easier than email - especially when talking about deep topics. AND it's great to put a voice to the words I read! All of it is so good!
    Anyway, you look awesome! You have the tiniest waist! And you definitely rock the pencil skirt! Big hugs and happy weekend!

  3. Sophie you are so stylish! A five-year-old photographer cant fail to take lovely pix of you. ! And yes I can see this is the kind of skirt I would wear and wear . Just got to get over my fear of seeing knits x

  4. if only I could look half as cute as you in a pencil skirt . . . :)


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