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samedi 10 janvier 2015


Yes! "Word' is my word for 2015!
I am confident it will help me and uplift me as I embark on this journey through 2015. 

# 1: Word is for "words I speak":  I am a chatterbox, I love to talk ! I mean it is part of my job: teachers talk ALL THE TIME. But I also have a natural tendency to let any thought slip out of my mouth regarless of the consequences. In 2015 I hope to speak words of gratitude, words of encouragement rather than criticism. And this applies to everyone, including myself!  I want my words to matter and make a difference in other's life, in my loved one's as well as my colleagues', students', friends'....or I don't want them out of my mouth. I hope they will travel first through my heart before coming out of my mouth. I hope they will be soaked with truth and love and that they will come out smooth and warm rather than dry and hard.

#2: Word is for "His Word": I have embarked on a very special journey and I am hoping for spititual growth. A friend and I have started a reading plan in order to read the Bible in one year. It seems like a crazy dare, I know,  but I can already feel the benefits of this daily discipline on my soul.
You can find such reading plans as well as resources here or here. You can also watch 5 minutes videos that help you grasp the meaning of each part of the Bible: here.

So here is to a year of intentional living, speaking and loving. 

What is your work for 2015? Have you tried choosing a word before? 
I am sending you all much love and thanks for the warmth that your comments always provide ! 

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