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dimanche 30 novembre 2014

On saturday, when I finally sat in front my sewing machine, it felt so good! 
It had been 10 days since I last used it, and I felt so happy! I kept on singing out loud to the kids and my husband; "I am sewing!! I am actually sewing!"
Yes, lunatic me!!
And so I sewed up this Hemlock top by Elegance&Elephants in this beautiful Lillestoff organic knit I had ordered on purpose and cut 10 days before on a quiet afternoon. 

Samedi, je me suis enfin assise à la machine, après 10 jours d'abstinence:!
J'étais tellement contente que je chantais à tue-tête: "Je couds!! Je suis en train de coudre!!"
Une vraie dingue, je vous dis!!
Et qu'est-ce que j'ai cousu: ce petit top tour mignon pour ma fille: le Hemlock Top par E&E.

This pattern is a breeze to sew: so easy and fast. The fabric is of such great quality, it took no effort at all to sew on my "normal" machine.
I don't own a serger yet, but I hope that Santa Klaus has one in stock for me in his workshop:)

Maintenant que je maîtrise la couture du jersey ( et ce SANS Surjeteuse.. mais, heu... si jamais le père Noël lit ce post, j'espère qu'il en a une dans sa hotte pour moi cette année... clin d’œil... clin d’œil... ) ce patron est très rapide à coudre. Peu de temps pour un effet bœuf, grâce aux adorables manches. 

 I made a size 6 according to the chest and waist measurements: Blandine is 8 but she is  a long limbed, skinny girl. So I cut in size 8 for the length of the arms and body. The fit is perfect like that.

J'ai coupé en taille 6, selon le tableau de mesures, puisque ma fille est plutôt mince mais pour la longueur j'ai choisi le 8. 

Le tissu, d'une qualité magnifique, facilite grandement la couture du jersey à la machine. C'est un jersey bio de chez Lillestoff. 

 I love the sleeve details: very lovely indeed.

  My girl is a funny one: she is so creative and fun. She was getting really cold outside while I was taking photos of her in her top, so she started pulling faces!

Comme elle avait très froid, ma fille s'est mise à faire des grimaces pour se réchauffer!!
un vrai clown!

 It made her laugh so hard!!

This kid can drive me insane with her attitude sometimes and being creative means she scatters pencils and books and pearls all over the house. 
But oh! how do I love her and her big blue eyes! She turns me to butter!!

5 commentaires:

  1. Such fun and sweet photos, perfect for your fun and sweet top. I love the fabrics you chose and wow - the mountains are so incredible. I can't believe you get to see them every day. How inspiring that must be!

  2. Oh, those pictures are fantastic. Her character really shows! What a funny girl ;)
    I love this Lillestoff print. In fact I ordered it some days ago, too. You really are getting into the jersey sewing. But as I told you - with the right fabrics it really is a breeze ;)

  3. Tout mignon ce t shirt!

  4. Coucou, un joli modèle que porte une charmante petite fille... même avec grimaces hihi, bise bise

  5. What a cute top on your sweetest daughter:-) I love it. The pattern, the fabrics... I will definitely try it too. Have a happy and peaceful christmas time. Greetings from Germany, Jacqueline:-)


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