jeudi 21 août 2014


Today we are having fun with my dear friend Annika from Näh-Connection
The thing with Annika is that  I think she is my "sewing soulmate"!:)
I have only been following her blog for a few months but we got to connect quite a lot and we realized that we have the same tastes and a lot of similar projects on our to do list. 

Last week as I messaged her, she said she was about to sew a Staple dress. It turns out, I was making one too! that same week.
Crazy! so we thought; let's do this together! Now : I live in France and she lives in Germany !
 but thanks to Facebook we got to follow each other's progress.
Let me tell you she is a much faster sewer than I am and her dress is so cool! 
So here is to a new fun series, that will go on on our blogs but with no strict schedule: 
 "Thursday soulmate sewing!"
It is so much fun to sew together even though we are in different countries.

For my take on the Staple dress pattern, I used an Arizona print: really can't get enough of this collection! and uit meant that April Rhodes pattern maker met April Rhodes farbric designer!

 It was the first time I did shirring and let me tell you: all my fears were ridiculous: it is a piece of cake!! I mean REALLY! I did 3 rows of shirring at the waist to make the perfect fit.

 This dress is perfect for summer and altough we had no hot days this summer I hope to use it during our upcoming vacation.

 Once again, my children took these photos: so please excuse the somehow blurry faces! !however they are really young:  I can see some talent here: what do you think?

I cut in size XS and upgraded to size S around the hip line  and all the way down the skirt. 
It was such a great sew and I would recommend it to beginners as you can learn really cool tricks like french seams and a great way to hem. 

Well that's it for me today folks! 
I hope you go and visit sweet Annika's blog to check out her cool version!
many hugs

8 commentaires:

  1. Oh Sophie, again: Your version is so beautiful. And I haven't even made the connection before that both the fabric and pattern are April Rhodes. How cool is that ;)
    I loved to sew with you and am totally looking forward to our next project together ;)

  2. Sophie, it's a lovely dress and colors are good for you.
    I need one like this for myself! I like that you made skirt hem straight (I don't know what the right word is, I hope you understand).

    And yes, it's always great to do something in company, even on-line. It's good you have found a sewing buddy:))

  3. Such a lovely dress. Your children did a fantastic job with the pictures. They're already very talented!

  4. Love your dress and the fine photography too :)

  5. Cette robe te va à ravir !!! Encore une bien belle réalisation !

  6. Your kids are becoming quite the photographers! Wonderful dress especially in that yummy fabric.


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