jeudi 28 août 2014

I am back from a 10 days vacation in Italy!! It was awesome! More on that later !!

Because today my girl turned 8 and my heart broke in many pieces!! 
8 ! that is a big number!! I mean, at least for a mama's heart it is!
We had a little celebration at home with grand parents, before she gets to celebrate with her friends next week.

 She chose the menu of our 4 o'clock celebration: chocolate cake and pop corn!!:)

 And as usual , I can't get enough of her big blue eyes, they turn me to butter!
Joyeux anniversaire ma petite chérie!!

I thought it would be fun to party also on the blog by announcing a giveaway winner from Emma's Garden Blog hop:
I asked my girl to give me a number between 1 and 49 (that's the number of comments I got: by the way: thank you for you rlovely comments!!:) and she chose..... 

Oooooh my!! I LOOOOVE the Tote! (thank you for the Tutorial!!) The Quilt is Amazing! Gorgeous! Think I neeeed to make the Tote (I am such a Tote "Addict"! lol) But maybe I'd pass on that & make a great Throw for our Family Room instead! Maybe...doooo LOVE Totes! giggle...

OhioLori, congrats!! you have won a bundle of fabrics from Emma's Garden collection!
Can you please email me at: scresp@yahoo.co.uk

4 commentaires:

  1. Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.
    ps. imagine the day she'll be 18, not 8;)

  2. Coucou, un très très joyeux anniversaire a ta "grande" fille si merveilleuse ! bon week-end,bise bise

  3. Eight is GREAT! :) And that photo showcasing her big beautiful blue eyes is truly spectacular!

  4. Sophie, Sophie, Sophie! Congrats for being on Jessica's list! I hope that this came right in time to lift your mood a little bit. I'm thinking of you...


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