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lundi 7 juillet 2014

Today I am invited over Victoria's blog to be part of her 3tkae one dress" series and I am so so honored!
The very talented Heidi was the previous sewer invited and left this gorgeous dress for me as a source of inspiration: read Heidi's post.

Aujourd'hui je suis l'heureuse invitée de la série "prenez une robe" sur le blog de Voctoira "As it Seams" . Le principe est de se passer l'inspiration, d'une couturière à l'autre et de s'amuser à créer des robes... 
Voici ce que la talentueuse Heidi a laissé pour moi, il y a un mois, lors du dernier post:  

I love the dots, the pleats and the big bow. This dress is a party dress for sure! I also like the neutral color of this dress and wanted to translate it onto my own version.
So I decided to sew a party dress for my girl. 
Right now my favorite pattern is the Hanami Dress by Straight Grain : perfect fit, cute sleeves and a lot of room for possible alterations.

J'ai adoré cette robe, et j'ai décidé de garder: le gros noeud, les pois, et les couleurs neutres. 
Voici ce que cela donne chez moi: 

I dig into my fabric stash and chose this print by Tamara Kate : Pollen in Creme bought from Hawthorne Threads. I love that it looks like confetti and the colors are just perfect for a party dress: a mixture of soft pink , peach, green and the black I wanted to use as a neutral on my dress.
I coordinated it with some Michael Miller cotton couture in peach.

J'ai utilisé comme base, la robe Hanami de Straight Grain, et du tissu de Tamara Kate: Pollen in creme ainsi que du pêche que j'ai associés au noir. 
 I replaced the pleats with some black glitter piping on the bodice and sleeves. Altering the bodice was so easy, and alterations are my new addiction! 

And then I made this big bow out of some black lawn, so soft!
It was my first attempt at a bow and it is definitly worth the try. It is very easy and it really provides the "couture" look I was after.

J'ai modifié le patron pour lui ajouter un passepoil et ce gros noeud:
I like details, I think that's because I am french!!:) So I lined the flutter sleeves with the same fabric as the skirt's:

Le résultat est une robe de fête appelée chez nous: Robe Réglisse!
We do love this dress in our home and my girl is looking forward to her next birthday party to wear it! I called it Liquorice Party Dress!!

 Thank you so much Heidi for providing this inspiration that kept my mind and hands busy for quite a while!!:) And Thank you Victoria for inviting me over to your blog! Creativity is fuelled by challenges and I sure loved this one!!

Now it is my turn to inspire the next seamstress: Renee who blogs and shares her beautiful creations at Nearest the pin.

Here is the dress I chose:

I am crazy about the neutral colors and structured shoulder line on this dress.
I hope Renee will be inspired!

5 commentaires:

  1. Une bien jolie robe, wow !!! J'aime tous les détails, le noeud, le passepoil, les manches, vraiment top !!!

  2. Superbe, et le rappel de tissu sur l'intérieur des manches (que j'aime toujours autant!), je dis "oui!!!" à la réglisse! Ce qui est amusant (?), c'est que malgré tes difficultés avec les couleurs, tes associations sont toujours parfaites. Et ta demoiselle/modèle est à croquer.

  3. What a great dress! I love the shoulder bow and the piping very sophisticated.

  4. I most certainly am inspired Sophie!! What a beautiful dress you have chosen for me to use as inspiration. I hope I will be able to create something even half as beautiful as the dress you have created :)

  5. The piping was a brilliant alteration. Looks great!


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