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vendredi 4 juillet 2014

A well made pattern, a quick project, some of the softest and coolest fabric, that's all it takes to make a Mama and his boy HAPPY!

Summer break will be her on FRIDAY (squeal!!) and all I want right now is quick and rewarding projects to start our holidays!

Un patron tout simple, un tissu ultra doux, absolument parfait pour mon boy..
C'est le début de l'été et sa douce nonchalance...

 I was inspired by my sweet friend Annika and her "KID Shorts" series to sew shorts for my boy. 
I went ahead and bought the KID short pattern. 
I love that very easy pattern, and love the fact that all the explanations and various versions are all explained on the MADE blog.

Le patron est celui de KID shorts de MADE et le tissu vient de la collection en flanelle bio de Made by Rae.... tellement doux! argh!

 I used Made By Rae's Fanfare flannel... swoon!

I made my own bias from the white flannel of this collection.

I got myself yards from the whole collection this winter!! naughty I know!! 
but did you see the new colors that have been added??? arriving in august... oh I can't resist! 


These are the softest shorts ever!! 
And there will be many more pairs, with pockets for sure!:) 
 Oui, je sais, ce n'est qu'un short sans difficulté, rien de bien spécial.. mais ces photos me rendent heureuse et j'aime quand des expériences aussi simples que celles-ci me rendent heureuse.. comme un enfant.

I know: these are just the simplest shorts, nothing fancing, super simple sewing....
But these photos make me smile.... and I like to be happy over simple things.... like a child.

5 commentaires:

  1. I think the shorts look lovely. Nice colours! And sometimes the simplest sewing projects can be the most gratifying, don't you agree? Have a great summer vacation! (Last day here in school as well. I can't wait!)

    1. Hi Karin! thanks for visiting! YEs holidays are here today for my kids and I: that is the advantage of being a teacher!!:) hope you will enjoy summer break !

  2. I wish I could sew (something other than paper, that is)! Cute shorts!

  3. Well you know, that I love that pattern (thanks for linking). And I love your version. It's the simple things in life ;) I actually love to sew basics as these my kids wear all the time (j is just now sporting his feather-KID shorts)...

  4. Très mignon ce short pour les petits boys :)


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