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mercredi 1 janvier 2014

2013 was governed by this one little wird: SLOW.
I did slow, trying to focus on the essential, taking on less assignemnts. 
It worked but it was not enough. I still felt that I was not focusing on the most important. 
Therefore in december I  decided to start from zero, because of work reasons and mainly family reasons. 

So here is to 2014 and it's own one little word: 

# open my eyes to see what beauty a moment can hold
# open to the moment and not live in a blur 
# open my heart to the ones who need me most
# live with hands wide open and trust in whatever the Lord has planned for me
# open to learn more

I also wanted to thank you again for your presence here this past year!
And I hope we can share more creative adventures in 2014!

2014 est là ! 
Et pour moi c'est aussi le moment du choix de mon petit mot, de ce mantra qui me suivra toute l'année et m'inspirera. 
Open: ouverture, ouvrir 
Un beau programme!
je vous souhaite une merveilleuse année, pleine de créativité et de joie. 


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  1. a great word to start a new year with good luck with all your plans and goals

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  3. [ça bug...] Meilleurs vœux à toi! Que tous tes souhaits se réalisent, que la santé et la sérénité soient présente dans ton foyer.Bises


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