samedi 28 décembre 2013

My Koi plus quilt is finished, and I love it, as much as the cat does ! (but I don't like the wind when my 7 years old is taking photos of my quilt!!:))

It is a custom quilt, that will be sold next week and I wrote down the hours it took to make it, just out of curiosity: 27 hours, including designing, cutting, piecing, quilting and binding!!
It measures approximatly 64" X 76" 
I used 4,5" squares (4" finished)

I used Cloud 9 fabrics: Koi by Rachida Coleman-Hale and mixed them with Robert Kaufman Linen in grey.( all purchased from Hawthorne Threads )

The linen gives such a soft touch to this quilt.

I quilted it with straight lines in order to create a rectangular design on the back: 

and added lots of straight lines on the sides:

 I chose a scrappy binding, and it took 3 and 1/2 hours to hand sew it to the back!
Looking at it makes me happy!

 Don't you just love a rolled up quilt?

I added a tag with the name of my little quilt shop:

Well I am happy it is going to a loving home!
You can find more plus quilts and tutorials on the Pinterest board I created while making this quilt.

Now onto my next project : a wall hanging for a friend. 

Thank you for stopping by, enjoy your week-end. 

le voili, le voilà mon beau " Koi plus quilt".
 Rhoooooooooooo, si vous saviez comme il est doux! Il appelle à la sieste et au farniente. 

Il sera dans les mains de sa nouvelle propriétaire la semaine prochaine. Comme c'est une commande, je me suis amusée à compter les heures qu'il m'a fallu pour le faire: du design à la couture du biais et disons qu'on a dépassé les 27 heures! (largement)
Ce qui signifie que si j'arrêtais de travailler je pourrais coudre au moins 1 quilt par semaine!!

Mmmmmmmm, c'est une chose que je vais peut-être considérer..... oui... en rêves!!

Voilà: la bête mesure environ 162 cm X 193 cm, une bien belle bête!

6 commentaires:

  1. Mais qui se cache derrière ce quilt ?!?
    Il est magnifique, un vrai travail de pro !!! En même temps après plus de 27h de travail, on comprend pourquoi !

  2. c'est moi!! hi! hi! merci Marine!

  3. Aaaaaaaah il est trop beau ! Et ces tissus... Bravo ! Bises Nath

  4. Love this.i made a plus quilt this year, but it was ALL pluses. I really like how yours are a bit scattered. I should try that next time.

  5. stunning! I love this quilt soooo much!!


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